Fitness-inspired Halloween costumes are the perfect look if you want people to know that you do, in fact, work out.

These are some great creative costumes that will surely turn a few heads at whatever trick-or-treating alternatives you try this year.

Just remember to stay safe, responsible, and, most of all, spooky.

1. Jane Fonda

Pay homage to one of the most beloved fitness and style icons in the game with this easy DIY Jane Fonda look. Just grab a leotard and some bright tights. And of course… poofy hair is a must!

2. Richard Simmons

Quirky and outlandish, Richard Simmons definitely had a signature look. For this exercise-friendly Halloween costume you’ll need a bright tank, red-striped hot shorts, tube socks, tennies, a sweatband, and wild hair.

The finishing touch is an upbeat attitude!

Get the full costume here.

3. Character from GLOW

If you love glitter and spandex, this Halloween costume idea is for you.

Pick from one of Netflix’s Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) characters and go solo, or turn it into a group fitness halloween costume!

4. Ping Pong Player

Ping Pong Player | Fitness Inspired Halloween Costumes

If you’ve been skipping leg day (you know who you are), you might want to avoid this costume: Grab your short-shorts, sweatbands, and ping pong paddles to transform into a table tennis star!

Pro party tip: Keep some extra ping pong balls in your pocket for whatever party games require them.

5. Rocky Balboa

ADRIANNN! Channel your inner Italian Stallion with this Rocky Balboa costume that really packs a punch. It’s a pretty simple get-up that you can cobble together from whatever clothes are lying around the house.

If they’re stained, just pretend they’re sweat marks! You know, for historical accuracy.

6. Barre-bie

Hi Barbie!

Whether you’re obsessed with Xtend Barre with Andrea Rogers or the barre classes at your local studio, sport this Barre-bie cutoff with your favorite pink leggings (and grippy socks!) for the perfect costume this year.

7. Zombie

This one’s for all you deadlifters. A couple of these were recently spotted walking around, but instead of biting people they were all just drinking protein shakes and talking about their PRs.

Their brain-eating form, however, is reportedly impeccable.

8. Tough Mudder Team

Re-live your Tough Mudder glory days of conquering grueling obstacles with this super easy group Halloween costume.

Not only does it give you an excuse to break out your Finisher’s headband, but it’s a great conversation starter, too!

Have a furry friend? Don’t worry — he can also be a part of this group costume.

9. Dodgeball Team

This one’s for all our underdogs! Sport these Average Joe uniforms from the classic Dodgeball movie. Hopefully you don’t run into Ben Stiller and the Cobras, but if you do, you’ll be ready to play in style.

10. Olympic Curling Team

Got access to your grandfather’s closet? Grab the first pair of pants you see, a couple of brooms and some casual-Friday polo shirts, and say you’re the Norwegian curling team!

The best part is that this costume is already the sexy version of itself.

11. Kale

Ok, so this isn’t a “workout” costume exactly, but healthy eating is totally a part of that fit life! Plus, you eat kale so much, why not dress up like it for Halloween?

80s Costume Pin | Fitness Inspired Halloween Costumes