At last, your sleek, new BODi Bike has arrived. Your shoes are on tight, your towel and water bottle are close at hand. You’re 100 percent ready to experience the awesome, totally personalized, studio-quality at-home cycling experience that only the BODi Bike and BODi Bike Studio cycling can deliver.

But before you hit the virtual road, you’ll want to take a couple of minutes to make sure your new bike is properly set up and adjusted for you. This ensures you get a great workout, maximum comfort, and reduced risk of injury.

How to Set Up Your New MYX Bike

If you’re going to spend hours in the saddle each week, it’ll help to make sure your bike’s seat and handlebars are positioned properly. Here’s how to fully customize your bike so it’s the perfect fit for you.

Seat height

Gif showing how to adjust seat height on BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

The goal in this step is to set your seat to the height of your hip bone.

  • Stand next to your bike seat with your feet flat on the floor. Then, lift the knee that’s closest to the seat, and place your palm on the top of your thigh, at your hip.

If your seat is higher or lower than your palm, you’ll want to adjust your seat height accordingly.

To adjust seat height:

  • Find the pin located at the base of the slide bar, and turn the knob until the seat post loosens. Make sure to support the seat with your other hand as you pull out the pin and adjust the seat height.
  • Once you’ve found your desired height, release the pin so it engages in the correct position hole, and tighten the knob until you hear a click to secure it in place.

Seat depth

Gif of Woman Adjusting Seat of BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

Place your elbow at the nose of the seat (the part facing forward) and extend your forearm to the front — your fingertips should just barely graze the base of your handlebars.

To adjust the seat forward or backward:

  • Locate the knob underneath the seat and loosen it to move the seat to your desired depth.
  • Repeat the fingertip test to make sure the seat is properly adjusted, then retighten the knob to make sure your seat is secure.

Handlebar height

Gif of how to adjust handlebar height of BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

The handlebars should be at seat height or higher. If you prefer a more upright position (or if you’re pregnant), you might want to position your handlebars higher for greater comfort.

To adjust the handlebar height:

  • Have another person support the weight of the handlebars from underneath, then loosen the knob and pull the pin outward to disengage it from the position hole.
  • Raise or lower the bars to a comfortable position, then release the pin to engage in the position hole at the height of your choice, and tighten the knob to secure it in place.

Handlebar depth

Gif of how to adjust handlebar depth on BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

For your comfort, you may want to adjust the depth of your handlebars using the knob in the center of the bars.

To adjust the handlebar depth:

  • Loosen the knob and slide the handlebars into the position that feels best to you.
  • Once you find the right spot, turn the knob back to secure the handlebars in place.

Before Getting on the Bike

One important safety reminder: Make sure the area around your bike is clear of any obstacles that could get in the way. Keep children, pets, and any objects away from the bike. When you’re pedaling, the wheels move fast and can be dangerous if obstructed.

The BODi Bike’s pedals are dual access. One side features cages, which will work with any exercise shoe, while the other side is embedded with SPD clips, which are made specifically for cycling shoes.

When it comes to your footwear, we recommend cycling shoes for their improved stability and security on the bike. Before purchasing cycling shoes, make sure they’re compatible with SPD clips, and be sure to follow the instructions that came with them to properly install the cleats to the bottom of each shoe.

If you’re not wearing cycling shoes, stiff-soled sneakers strapped into the cages is a good alternative. If you’re wearing sneakers with laces, make sure the laces are tied and tucked away. When all that’s done, you’re ready to get on the bike.

How to Safely Clip or Strap Into Your BODi Bike

The BODi Bike supports the use of either cycling shoes or normal workout shoes. Here’s how to secure your feet to the pedals.

Clipping in with cycling shoes

Gif of Clipping in to BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

  • Stand over the bike with your feet on either side of it. Make sure the pedal you’re clipping in to is in its lowest position, flat, and clip-side up.
  • With your foot on the pedal, slide the lip of the cleat down into the pedal, until you hear a click, then press your heel down.
  • Once you hear a second click, you know the cleat is secure. Once that’s done, have a seat and secure the other shoe the same way.

Strapping in with sneakers

Gif Showing how to Strap in to BODI Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

  • Stand over the bike with your feet on either side of it.
  • Place one foot in the pedal’s cage, with the widest part of your foot over the axis of the pedal, then take a seat on your bike. Place the other foot in the other cage.
  • One at a time, slowly reach down and pull the straps to tighten the pedal’s cage. You’ll want a snug fit, but it shouldn’t feel uncomfortably tight.
  • Thread the excess strap through the clip and, if desired, tuck it away.

Testing Your Bike’s Settings

These are some cues to look for when determining the right feel of your bike.

Seat height

Graphic Demonstrating how to test seat height with BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

Once your feet are secure, extend one leg so that that pedal is at the six o’clock position. What you’re looking for is a slight bend in the knee of your extended leg.

  • If the bend in your leg is too big, you’ll need to raise the seat.
  • If your leg is straight with no bend in your knee, you’ll need to lower the seat.

Seat depth

Graphic Demonstrating Woman Testing Seat Depth of BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

Once your feet are secure, bring one foot to a forward, three o’clock position — your kneecap should be over the center of your foot.

  • If your knee is in front of the ball of your foot, you’ll need to move the seat back.
  • If the ball of your foot is in front of your knee, you’ll need to move the seat forward.

Handlebar position

Graphic Demonstrating how to test handlebar height on BODi Bike | how-to-set-up-my-BODi-Bike

Place your hands on the outside corners of the handlebars and check to make sure you have a slight bend in your elbows.

  • If your arms are straight, raise the handlebars.
  • If your arms are too bent, lower the handlebars.

If you’re tall and your seat is all the way back and you feel you need to move the handlebars farther away from you, you can make that adjustment by loosening the knob on top of the handlebars and sliding them away from you to reach your desired depth. Once it’s in place, retighten the knob.

Getting off Your Bike

To get off your bike safely, unclip or uncage one foot at a time.

If you’re unclipping your cycling shoes:

  • Make sure one pedal is at its lowest position. Twist your heel outward, then pull your foot up and away from the pedal.
  • Next, pedal your other foot to the lowest position, placing the first foot flat on the ground. From there, you’ll unclip your other foot.

If you’re wearing regular sneakers,

  • Make sure one pedal is at its lowest position. Loosen the cage’s strap, then slowly slip your foot out and to the ground.
  • Repeat this on the other side.

Congratulations! That’s everything you need to know to start riding your new BODi Bike! If you’re sharing this bike, we recommend noting your settings so you can quickly and easily reset your bike before use.

See you in class!