Short on time but still expect fast results? BODi LAVA is your 20-minute solution.

Because when legendary Super Trainer Elise Joan combines athletic yoga, primal movements, and bodyweight strength, the sweat doesn’t stop. And neither does the burn. It’s the perfect workout… literally.

She’s bringing the heat and intensity in her most powerful and dynamic program yet. You get cardio, strength building, athletic training, flexibility, agility, and mobility — all in 20 calorie-scorching minutes, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks.

Elise proves you can get strong, visible results without heavy weights or hour-long workouts. In fact, the only equipment you need is your body. Stay tuned for more details on BODi LAVA, coming soon.

Who is Elise Joan?

Super Trainer Elise Joan is the creator of the innovative fitness programs Barre Blend, Pre and Post Natal Barre Blend, and FIRE AND FLOW. Her passion is to engineer your optimal body and awaken your power. In addition to being certified in the Science of Well-Being through Yale University, Elise is a sought-after longevity expert who focuses on mental health and internal wellness, along with the physical results she’s known for.