Big news! Now, with Digital Purchases, you can buy your favorite BODi programs to build your own personal library and stream — WITH OR WITHOUT a BODi membership.

How Do Digital Purchases Work?

Do you love doing the same program over and over? Were you someone who bought our programs on DVD and stashed them on a shelf? Did you let go of your BODi membership because it was more than you needed, but you had a favorite workout or Super Trainer?

Now, you can create your own digital workout library with no stress, no storage — only your focus on fitness. You get it all: the workouts and digital program materials, all conveniently stored on the BODi app (even without a paid membership).

Starting March 26, 2024, we’re rolling out Digital Purchases for some of your most beloved and sought-after programs, and we’ll continue to release more programs in the months ahead, so check back often for more of your favorite formats, trainers, and workouts!

If I Have a BODi Membership, Can I Access My Programs?

You bet! A BODi Membership gives you access to BODi’s complete library of thousands of workouts, 125+ programs, and more, as long as your paid membership is active.

How Do I Get Access to a Single Program?

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Now, you have two purchase options:

  1. Buy individual programs as a Digital Purchase for $59.95 ($69.95 CAD, £59.95 GBP, €69,95 EUR), and stream them on BODi (with or without a membership) OR
  2. You can get a BODi Membership for $179 ($215 CAD, £179 GBP, €206 EUR) and stream the program(s) — along with everything else on BODi — free from your library.

Looking to get a Total-Solution Pack? Buying a Total-Solution Pack gives you an annual BODi Membership with 125+ programs in your library, plus supplies of Shakeology and Beachbody Performance supplements. You can also buy the $99 BODi + Shakeology Monthly Pack (only available in US & Canada).

What if I Already Purchased a Program During VIP Early Access?

If you purchased a program during VIP Early Access in 2023 — CHOP WOOD CARRY WATER and/or DIG DEEPER — you automatically get the program as a Digital Purchase beginning in May, 2024. For programs released in 2022 or earlier, you’ll need to buy them as Digital Purchases.

I Don’t Have a BODi Membership. How Do I Access My Digital Purchases?

Download the BODi app or visit, click on the Programs page, and you’ll see a “Digital Purchases” rail containing all the programs that you buy. All you need is your BODi login — no membership required.

BODi Membership vs Digital Purchase — What’s the Difference?

A BODi Membership is a digital subscription that includes the full BODi library of 125+ workout programs, thousands of individual workouts, healthy eating plans and recipes, mindset content, and more. But if you cancel your paid membership, you’ll lose access to the BODi library.

A Digital Purchase lets you build your own personal library of individual fitness programs, including all of their workouts, bonus content, calendars, nutrition guides (where available), and any other digital program materials. Once you make a Digital Purchase, you have access to those programs even if you don’t have a paid membership.

Whether you choose to subscribe to BODi or buy a Digital Purchase, you’ll be able to stream your workouts through the BODi app or website — on your phone, computer, tablet, or smart TV.

Do Any Recommended Supplements, Equipment, or Accessories Come With My Program Purchase?

Supplements, equipment, and accessories do not come with Digital Purchases, but you’ll have the option to add onto your cart — many at a specially offered price — during checkout. Your Digital Purchase includes only the digital program workouts and materials.

Digital Purchase Release Schedule

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More dates and programs will be added soon, so stay tuned!

Want to start these programs today? Try a BODi Membership.