The Importance of Training With Proper Technique

Hand Paddles for swimming training can be a great way to boost your swimming fitness, but be shore not to over use them, you may risk injury. Also be in mind that the larger the hand paddle the more stress on the shoulder there will be. when using hand paddles try not to grip the paddle, instead let your hand lie in the same position that you use while swimming.

Concept 2 Rowing Machines – Why People Trust Them

The Concept 2 rowing machine is a revolutionary product that combines high end quality and design with amazing community features that have turned this indoor rower into a phenomena amongst rowing teams, professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This particular rower offers the user a total body workout on a machine that is low impact.  The Concept 2 rowing machine has been around for over 30 years and has a large number of satisfied customers.

5 Reasons Why Rowing Machines Are the Best Fitness Exercise Machines

Fitness enthusiasts have been raving about the benefits of a rowing machines workout for years now, making the indoor rower a required piece of equipment in both home gyms and health clubs around the world. The rowing machine offers a number of benefits to the user but we wanted to share out top 5 reasons why we feel the rowing machine is the best fitness exercise machine.

Inversion Boards – 3 Fears Preventing You From Using A Gravity Inversion Table

Inversion boards, once highly popular in the 1980’s and then nearly disappearing from the health and fitness scene in the subsequent decades, are gaining popularity today at a rapid pace as inversion therapy devices. The medical community that is still divided in their opinion whether inversion boards and similar inversion equipment will provide benefit when it comes to back or neck pain.

Lose Weight With The Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine

The Keetler Kadett Rowing machine is one of many rowers on the market. The one thing that stands out about the Kadett is the amount of features that it comes with. The numerous features are normally available on far more expensive rowing machines. Find out more about the Kettler Kadett here…

Bodylastics For Sale – 3 Critical Mistakes People Make When Looking To Buy Bodylastics

If you are looking to find some places that have Bodylastics for sale, then you may want to read this article. I an this article you will find out where you can find a set for yourself at a reasonable price. Perhaps a result of reading this article you’ll find yourself really great deal on this product.

NordicTrack C 900 Treadmill Rating and Review

The first new NordicTrack treadmill to be released in 2011 is the NordicTrack C 900 treadmill. I reviewed it when I was recently at their corporate headquarters. It sells for around $999 and is probably one of the better values in that price range.

ProForm ErgoStrider 3.0 Elliptical

Priced at $349, the ProForm ErgoStrider 3.0 Elliptical is compact and sophisticated; a perfect fit for your fitness goals. This reasonably priced workout machine offers the basic features of an elliptical machine.

Horizon Elliptical Machine – How Good Is It?

The Horizon EX 57 Elliptical Trainer is considered to be one of the most effective home exercise machines on the market today. However before rushing out and buying one, read more about what you will get for your money here.

Home Exercise Equipment Report – Reviewing the Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table

Inversion therapy has become known as a great way to overcome the forces of gravity, ease pressure on the back muscles, and elongate the spine for extended periods of time. Inversion tables are thus used in physical therapy clinics, but the Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table is often purchased for home use.

Fitness Equipment Repair: Yowza Keewadin Treadmill Review

Numerous people wanting to improve their physiques, their health, and their overall fitness level are turning to treadmills. These convenient exercise machines are not only the wave of the future, but a tried and true exercise companion of the past and present. It makes no difference whether you are a novice exerciser or a long-time fitness enthusiast, if you are searching for the perfect treadmill, the Yowza Keewadin is one of the top treadmills for 2010 and also, one of the best that Yowza has to offer.

Fitness Equipment Maintenance: The Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer Review

If you are interested in taking your workout sessions to the next level, you need an easy going and effective piece of exercise equipment. People are constantly concerned about strained joints and sore muscles. One type fitness machine is exceptionally easy on those sensitive joints and muscles-an elliptical trainer.

What Is the Best Home Treadmill?

The best home treadmill is the one you use regularly and consistently! But what exactly makes a treadmill the best home treadmill?