Ab Circle Pro Abs Abdominal Exercise Machine Review

The Ab Circle Pro is the latest piece of exercise equipment on the market and is causing a lot of excitement and quite a stir. It’s a unique new system that designed to help you keep your abs toned and firm, and to help you lose weight.

Get Yourself the Right Treadmill

Walking is indeed the best form of exercise. It not only improves muscle strength and overall stamina, but also gives an advantage in health. Walking helps our lungs function in its best capacity and as a result, the body will feel rejuvenated. Some may think that it is a hindrance, as many do not even have time to even watch T.V these days. The question is how can you actually spend time walking and make it your daily routine?

Should You Use the EZ Curl Bar in the Gym?

If you’ve spent any time in a commercial gym, you’ll inevitably have run across weird, malformed pieces of metal that other people seem to think are normal pieces of equipment. This ranges from a host of different grips for cable exercises (strange triangles, V’s of knotted rope, knurled bars only a foot long) and barbells that seem to have been run over by strange tractors, their forms all bent and warped.

Life Fitness Club Series Elliptical Crosstrainer – Award Winning Fitness Equipment

This high priced elliptical crosstrainer is the home version of the popular health club model from Life Fitness. It ensures a synchronized upper and lower body workout with its natural elliptical motion.

Get a Fit and Toned Body Right in Your Own Home

Staying in shape does not need to be as hard as a lot of people think it is. A common misconception is that you must go to the gym every day if you want any chance of having a tone body. This simply isn’t the case. Without ever leaving the comfort of your own living room or your office, you can establish some habits that will ensure that you are in excellent physical condition for the rest of your life.

Can You Lose Weight With Home Gym Exercise Equipment?

More people need to lose weight these days than not. We have what scientists are calling an obesity epidemic and it’s getting worse all the time. While there will always be some effort involved in losing weight and getting in shape, you can make it easier on yourself by buying some good home gym exercise equipment.

Shape Up For 2010 With a Vibration Plate Exercise Trainer

Vibration plates (commonly known as Power Plates in professional gyms) offer a low impact exercise experience and with regular use can deliver outstanding results. These machines are already popular in gyms, particularly in the USA where they have been a phenomenal success. They are now starting to emerge on the market for home use, with a more affordable price tag than in recent years.

Endurance B3U Self Powered Upright Exercise Bike – Your Investment Meets Your Target

Endurance B3U Self Powered Upright Exercise Bike is a quality exercise bike that is built to the demanding standards of health clubs. This self powered machine has life time warranty on all its parts.

Jumpking Deluxe Or Bazzongi Trampoline

The jump king deluxe Bazoongi trampoline by is the business in my opinion. The jumpking takes over from the basic Bazoongi which now offers an even greater bounce and a much greater weight limit now a whopping 22-25 stone (140-159kg) and features an integrated trampoline safety net and a handy shoe net, a specialised ladder, 8 1/2 inch springs and a top quality pad for heaviest ware. A height of 35″/ 89cm and a 14ft 4.3m diameter with a 13″ wide x 1 deep /330mm x 25mm deep surround pad.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of the Polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor

Selecting a heart monitor watch requires being a little bit deliberative in your approach. The reason for this is somewhat obvious. You do not want to purchase a device that does not effectively deliver on its primary purpose. here is a review of the great polar F6 Heart Rate Monitor Watch.

The Equipment That Makes P90X Easy(er)

P90X is a home based workout program that is done by watching DVD’s in your living room and doing mostly body weight exercises. You don’t need a huge piece of workout equipment that takes up an entire room that eventually becomes a place to hang your clothes, but there are a few things that are nice to have and make your workouts easier and more effective.

Do Some Isometric Exercises With the Bullworker

Way back in the 1960’s a German inventor, Gert Koelbel, devised a contraption called theTensolator. Later on it was renamed as the Bullworker. This device utilised the principles of isometrics, where the muscles of your body are statically contracted.

Indoor Cycling Accessories – 3 You Should Own and Use

Are you an indoor cycling enthusiast? Indoor cycling classes, also known as spin classes, are a popular staple on health club aerobic class schedules. Experienced indoor cyclists know that 3 specific accessories help them maximize their performance. Let’s take a look at all three…