Bosu Ball Basics – What You Should Know

Perhaps you’re already familiar with a stability ball. But try imagining cutting it in half and using that half for your exercises. Well, if you can’t get the picture in your head, think no more.

Exercising As Part of Daily Activities

Everyone wants to look attractive and appealing. It’s normal. In the past, most men would do it for health reason and physical activities, while women would do it for the sake of losing weight and maintaining weight. But today, most people would do it for health reasons since now it seems a lot of diseases are appearing and threatening everyone. No wonder if most people would hit the gymnasium or gym because they want to train and exercise.

CycleOps Fluid 2 Indoor Bicycle Trainer

If you are looking for a solution to cycling in the winter or just looking to get some additional mileage on the clock, the CycleOps Fluid 2 indoor trainer could be the ideal answer. OK, I guess I’m like you in that nothing beats going out riding with great scenery, nature and the general feeling of freedom as the wind hits your face, but sometimes we need to settle for second best. Not that there’s anything second best about this indoor bike trainer.

Buying a Trampoline

Trampolines provide multiple benefits. They can be used by kids to have some fun at outdoor parties and can also used as fitness equipment. As fitness equipment they can be used to strengthen the lower body and also improve the stamina. This is also an excellent way of burning fat. Many modern gyms are equipped with small trampolines for this reason.

Three Ways to Avoid Injury When Weight Lifting

People participate in weight training to build their muscles. However, one can only achieve the benefits of strength training when the drill is properly executed. If you pull your muscle back by lifting something incorrectly, injuries are most likely to happen.

Important Treadmill Features To Look For When Buying A Treadmill

This morning you woke up with excitement! You know you are ready to get fit. Your friends suggest you buy a workout machine and the first thing that you want to do is to buy your first treadmill! However, when you finally go to the equipment store, you realise that there are a lot of treadmills to choose from. Now you are confused and don’t know what to choose. Don’t fret my friend, in this article will look at important treadmill features to look for.

Benefits of Using a Home Gym

Working out isn’t just about building muscle and toning the body, it promotes a healthy lifestyle. For many, it is also a way to escape the daily grind of life, if only for a little while. A home gym provides optimal opportunity to enjoy working out from a comfortable location.

Don’t Buy an Elliptical Until You Answer 3 Questions

If you are thinking about buying an elliptical machine, this article will explain 3 of the most important questions you should answer before spending your money. You can avoid making costly mistakes and being disappointed with your purchase.

Heart Rate Monitor Benefits and How to Put One to Use for You

Being aware of your heart rate is a true measurement of the intensity of your workout, rather than just basing it on how you feel. Being able to measure that intensity is important, as you want to make the most of your workout, and you want to weigh your gains.

Where Do Trampolines Come From?

Have you ever been curious where trampolines come from? It is interesting to note that the general principle behind the modern trampoline has been around for much of human history. Centuries ago, in Alaska, Inuits supposedly used animal skins to throw each other up into the air, and it has been documented that as early as the 1400’s, similar play, this time taking advantage of large blankets, was observed in Europe.

Buying a Trampoline for Your Garden

As with any big purchase, buying a trampoline can be confusing and fraught with uncertainty as to whether you are getting the best deal for your money. A great source of exercise and fun, a trampoline can be a fantastic addition to your home; a little research beforehand can make your trampoline buying experience easy and fun and can guarantee you a trampoline that will withstand the test of time and live up to you and your family’s expectations. Consider the following when buying a trampoline and you will be much happier with your purchase.

The Trampoline – Then and Now

Everyone knows what a trampoline is these days. Trampolines may be simple pieces of equipment, but they have a more interesting history than one would think of at first glance.

What Are Trampolines?

Contrary to popular belief, the trampoline was not invented by a man named du Trampoline. Rather, the name comes from the Spanish word for diving board: trampolin. Modern trampolines were in fact invented in 1936 by two men, Larry Griswold and George Nissen, who had worked with the circus; they saw promise in the exuberant antics displayed by trapeze artists who had fallen to bounce around on their safety nets. It wasn’t long before Nissen and Griswold had a working prototype, and in 1943 the two men went into business together and began making the trampoline as polpular as it is today.