The Flex Belt – Does This Electronic Ab Belt Really Work?

Scientific tests have proven that the Flex Belt is a positive contribution to your well being. This device is great for office workers who are tied to their desks, or people who exercise irregularly.

A Review of the Slendertone Ab Belt

You see it all over the television, the Slendertone Ab Belt. But does it work? Is It worth getting?

Garmin Forerunner 305 – Is it Really That Good?

Garmin Forerunner 305 is the ultimate in personal training aids. It includes GPS, data recovery and management, heart rate monitor and much, much more.

Bodylastics Resistance Bands Are Mostly Preferred by Fitness Gurus

Using the resistance bands to sculpt the body, one can conveniently select the different phases or levels of the resistance in order to meet the body shaping or fitness goals. As per the experts, if one spends about 10 to 20 minutes and thrice a week using these resistance bands, the users will surely increase their overall body endurance and flexibility levels. As you work out you are working the muscles against resistance, thus the muscles develop tears in the muscle tissue.

Tips on Building Your Home Gym

There is a moment in your fitness life that you want to build your own home based gym and make yourself independent from commercial gyms. It is a good solution for anyone who has enough experience to be able to train on his own.

Some Advantages When Using Treadmills at Home

With an increasingly busy lifestyle, many people find it difficult to make the time to get serious about getting healthy. Fortunately, there are ways one can get exercise without having to leave the comfort of their home. The use of home treadmills has become a popular way to get fit.

Sole Elliptical Machines – Quality Elliptical Trainers

Sole elliptical machines are very popular in the fitness world for several reasons. Obviously, we are all looking for a reasonable price, but you should understand that you must spend enough to get a quality piece of fitness gear. A Sole elliptical exercise machine is both reasonably priced, but they are also of extremely good quality and built to last.

Sunfitness Aerobic Power Stepper

If you’re a beginner to fitness or just looking for a really simple way to burn calories and add some exercise into your lifestyle then purchasing an aerobic power stepper could be the perfect way to go. In this article we’re going to take a look at the SunFitness Aerobic Power Stepper and see just how it could be of use in achieving your fitness goals.

Polar F6 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch

If you’re looking for a women’s heart rate monitor featuring all the most required functions then take a look at the Polar F6 Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch. Its big advantage is that it gives you all you need to train in ‘zones’ and thereby maximise your fitness results. Not only does it deliver very accurate readings but it’s by one of the most respected manufacturers in heart rate monitor watches.

Treadmill Retailers – Finding the Best Deal From an Online Treadmill Retailer

Any piece of home fitness equipment can be a tremendous tool in helping one get into shape, improve their health, and lose or maintain their current weight. This is especially true of the treadmill, which despite all of the new home gym equipment out there, remains the top selling machine on the market today. The biggest negative of the treadmill is the price tag that comes along with it.

What Should My Target Heart Rate Be and Should I Buy a Heart Rate Monitor?

Knowing your target heart rate helps you achieve the right intensity of exercise. If you go over it, you may be exerting too much effort on your heart and this cause over work. If you go under the target rate, you may not be doing the right training mode…

Aerobic Rider – Good Vs Bad

It is quite sure that all the people like to keep fit. If they are not fit then their mind will not work properly. However with the growing age you will definitely find out that it is quite tough to keep fit. Aerobic rider is one of the equipment which can help you out to keep fit.

Sole F80 Treadmill Review – Is the Sole F80 Treadmill Worth Buying?

We all want to lose weight but when it is freezing outside, do you really want to go for a walk? If you don’t then you may be looking for something like the Sole F80 Treadmill. This treadmill is one of the more popular ones on the market today but is it worth the rather large price that you have to pay?