Vibration Plates – A Quick Look At How They Work

Vibration plates are different from the rest of the gym equipment and are an easy and effective way of losing weight. They are the latest in gym equipment developed with an aim to aid men and women in toning their muscles while carrying out their daily routine. Vibration plates have a continuous vibrating movement even while one stands on them the net result is that one tends to work out more than one does after dedicated hours on the gym machines.

Keep Fit And Track Your Movements With A GPS Logger

Anyone who is serious about keeping fit and physical exercise could well benefit from the assistance of the many modern GPS tracking devices. These can bring a great number of advantages to an athlete’s training regimes and sporting activities. While not necessarily applicable to all sports, they are useful in any event that requires some form of measurable movement being tracked.

5 Buying Tips For Your Second Hand Treadmill

This article aims to give the reader all the knowledge they need to make an informed and successful purchase of a second-hand treadmill. It deals with some of the technical requirements to consider, as well as providing advice on how to find reviews of a suitable model. The result should be the identification and purchase of their perfect piece of fitness equipment.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells Review

Dial-up/ selectable adjustable dumbbells, like the Bowflex 552 Dumbbells, have an obvious quick-change advantage over a dumbbell bar (that you load with plates) and take up less space than a fixed set of dumbbells. Price-wise they fall between the two. Unlike the advertising material associated with this type of interchangeable dumbbell, I’m not going to blurt on further about the benefits of choosing an adjustable dumbbell for home gym training, as the advantages are clear, instead, I’ll discuss why I personally rate the SelectTech 552 Dumbbells as being the sensible choice.

Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer Review

The Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer is a great piece of training equipment that is a great way to get into shape. For those who aren’t familiar with what an elliptical trainer does, essentially it is the piece of equipment that can also be called a walking machine. This essentially is a very minimum impact way of exercising that has you holding the handles while going through a walking motion against basic resistance (greater resistance than you would normally get from walking) so that it feels somewhat like walking through mud.

Ab Lounge 2 – How It Works

The company claims that it is the most effective way of doing sit-ups, however is it any good? As people get older many of us share the same problem of getting stomach fat. It just seems to creep up on us and before we know it is a big problem.

Buying Tips For A Dumbbell Weight Set

Amateur fitness enthusiasts often have no idea where to start with their program. If you are one of them, this article might help you in organizing your thoughts about buying dumbbells. Like some articles would put it, purchasing your first dumbbell sets can be a quite daunting task.

The Comfort in Using Hydration Packs

If you are a young athlete then you must be familiar with the functionality and the necessity of a hydration pack. A hydration pack is that one gadget that every hiker, runner, athlete and sportsman needs to have to ace a game or exercise. No, this is not some kind of trick or magic, it is a gadget that provides an athlete the one thing that boosts his performance and refreshes his energy level – chilled water.

A Folding Treadmill Offers Superb Advantages and Options

Exercising regularly is extremely important in relation to reducing weight, maintaining a healthy weight, and increasing overall health. With the intention to make it simpler and get a fuller workout, many individuals utilize exercise machines, either at the health club or in their own home. What do you do if you will have very restricted space at home, but you certainly don’t wish to join a gym to get your day by day exercise? A folding treadmill may very well be the answer. Compact, these treadmills take up very little area, and nonetheless offer the benefits of a incredible cardio workout.

Ab Doer Twist Reviews – Does It Work?

Following the Ab Doer, the new Ab Doer Twist is the new version which comes with new features. However is it worth trying? The claims coming from the company are that it is a great way to tone the abdominal muscles and burn off fat but does it work?

Fitness Equipment Review: The Beny Sports V-Fit AR1 Artemis II Air Rowing Machine

The best sort of exercise is that which you enjoy. There’s nothing worse than getting on that ho-hum treadmill, and walking incessantly for what seems to be an eternity. Besides, a treadmill workout is mostly for the lower body, which means you have to find another way to work your upper body. This, in turn, can take more time than you’re willing or able to spend. The solution? Find a machine that works your whole body. Once piece of fitness equipment that does this quite well is the rower. Read on to learn about an affordable machine: the Beny Sports V-fit AR1 Artemis II air rower.

Refurbished Fitness Equipment Review: The Livestrong Incline Elliptical Cross Trainer

Everyone has a hero or two — a person we admire and respect. In the sporting world, one such hero is cycling great Lance Armstrong. An outstanding athlete, he’s also won a difficult battle with cancer, along with competitive cycling victories too numerous to list. So when Lance Armstrong put his name of a line of fitness machines, people took notice. While many of us may not be able to afford Armstrong’s products when they’re new, certainly another option is to find one selling as a piece of refurbished fitness equipment. Here’s some information about the Livestrong 12.9E incline elliptical cross trainer.

Should You Choose The 10 Lb Hexagon Solid Dumbbell Set?

If you are serious with your weight lifting program or even with your weight loss course, you must invest with a good set of dumbbells. They are crucial parts to help you achieve a toner and sexier body.