Drawbacks of Clip-System Resistance Bands

For the past ten years or so most of the exercise literature out there has built up “Clip-System” resistance bands to be the premier design, offering the best features and greatest opportunity for users to gain substantial benefits. However with competition in this market becoming so stacked and a lack of development on the part of Clip-System manufacturers, there’s a chance that the Clip-System will soon give way to their major competitor.

Leading Alternatives to Bodylastics Resistance Bands

About ten years ago there was a new buzz around the fitness world. Bodylastics revolutionized the industry by introducing resistance bands. With some high profile athletes in toe, they set about trying to provide the average fitness enthusiast with a personal gym right in their backpack. Years later, new challengers in the industry are taking some of the wind out of the Bodylastics sail.

Ultimate Elliptical Buying Guide – Part 2

This is part 2 in a two part elliptical buying guide series. For more information and to access the other part see the information below. 3. Resistance Systems When looking for resistance features in elliptical trainers you’ll have to choose between three different types.

Ultimate Elliptical Buying Guide – Part 1

If you’re a cardio junkie and you want to spice up your home gym with a piece of equipment that’ll burn calories fast without wearing out your joints, an elliptical trainer may be the right choice for you. For the reasons stated above, when the elliptical trainer first made an appearance in the 1990’s, it quickly replaced the stair climber as the machine of choice for a cardiovascular workout that targets the lower body.

6 Sure Fire Tips For Finding the Best Elliptical Trainer

When you go to purchase an elliptical trainer, make sure you wear your workout clothes. In order to really be able to tell if a machine will work well for you, you should spend about 20 minutes working out on it. Particularly with elliptical trainers, you have to buy one that fits you well. Otherwise, the added benefit of a low impact workout will be negated by wear and tear injuries from using a machine that’s not made for you.

Healthrider R60 Treadmill Review

For the casual users, the HealthRiderR60 treadmill is definitely not lacking in either the standard, or the featured items that the consumer may want. Thought by most in the field to at least be worth the price tag it’s been given, the R60 is still a middle of the field machine.

Cybex 750T Treadmill Review

So, it has come time for you to find an honest to goodness, commercial-grade treadmill. One that will honestly, truly stand up to the workout that you are going to give it. While there are a lot of different brands that are available, Cybex is one that stands out. In addition, Cybex provides you, the consumer with superiority in terms of not only the looks, but how the machine is built.

Bowflex Series 3 Treadmill Review

There are three treadmills in the Bowflex lineup, and the Bowflex Series 3 is at the bottom. Six built-in workout programs, decent product design, hand grip pulse sensor and a deck that folds. The equipment package is nice as well-as this is all to get you going. Sure, there is almost enough to make you want to buy the Bowflex Series 3-except the motor.

Sole E95 Elliptical Review

What is it that all fitness buffs all looking for in any machine that they buy? Answer: the same quality as a club machine-and goodies too, but a price point that they can actually afford.

Sole F63 Treadmill Review – New For 2009

With some new updates for the new 2009 model, the Sole F63 quality treadmill has been rated as the top buy in its price point for a long time. As Sole does with all models, they have taken note of customer needs and comments-and in the process given the consumer a machine that not only focuses on the customers, but is a great value for their money.

NordicTrack Act Elliptical Review

There are several reasons as to why I actually like this machine. First, it is, in comparison to other ellipticals, smaller.

Rowing Machine – The Perfect Workout Tool

A rowing machine is a really good investment. It works all of the main muscles in the body and gives you great workouts.

The Dangers and Benefits of the Treadmill Incline

Whiles it is true that using the treadmill incline feature can be a great way to boost your treadmill workouts; it can also be a dangerous tool especially when not used correctly. If used too often or incorrectly it can hamper your workout and fitness goals. The average treadmill will have an incline level range of between 0-15 percent.