Review of the Impex Marcy Platinum PM 3200

The Impex Marcy Platinum PM 3200 is a great home gym option for non-professional athletes or fitness buffs. It has adequate features for its slightly compact size.

Review of the Life Fitness G2 Home Gym

The Life Fitness G2 Home Gym is a great option if you are looking to purchase a home gym. It is as durable and stable as the ones used in actual gyms.

Review of the Jake Gravity Force Trainer

The Jake Gravity Force Trainer allows its users to complete up to seven kinds of exercises in 21 minutes. These are also available online for really good deals.

2 Of The Best iPhone Apps I Found for Healthier Living And Better Fitness – Sleep Cycle and Hot Yoga

There are so many health and fitness iPhone Apps to choose from where does someone begin? Well I have downloaded quite a few Apps and these 2 Apps “Sleep Cycle” and “Yoga Lite” I have found to be the best so far that goes to benefit living a balanced and a contented life. But funny enough I found it really helps to increase my fitness, as they say in the movies Believe it or Not! One of the most important areas in developing muscle growth is giving yourself time to recover. Building lean muscle tissues doesn’t happen in the gym ( that’s where you break it down), it happens when you rest. We all want as much lean muscle tissue as possible, it makes us look athletic and toned.

Are Men Obsessed With Their Fitness Workouts Routine?

There are many fitness workout routines and it depends on the body structure, health, weight, and height of the person in question. Here is a list of the men fitness workouts. The point being that men fitness workouts are almost as second to brushing their teeth in the morning.

Why Do You Need To Join a Fitness Boot Camp?

Is keeping your mind and body fresh throughout the day a tough job for you? Well, most of us know how difficult it is to be in good shape and health.

Zumba Shoes for Women Or Men – Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Zumba Footwear

If you are looking to purchase or are thinking about what kind of shoes to wear for your Zumba classes then you will want to read this article and discover the top three mistakes to avoid when purchasing Zumba shoes for women or men.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Treadmill

When you begin the search for a personal treadmill, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first, what with so many different choices and brands. Use the following tips as a guide to finding the right treadmill for you.

A Review Of The Newest Stamina Magnetic Resistance Bike – The Magnetic Fusion 4545 Exercise Bike

As I was checking out some information to use in writing a exercise bike review, I noticed that there was a new magnetic resistance bike on the market. I always hate it when new products come online because there is never much feedback, so here is some information on the newest Stamina magnetic resistance bike.

Marcy Weight Bench – Getting Fit Without Going Broke

There are a number of different equipments that people can take their pick from today in order to look healthy and fabulous. Depending on what it is that you normally would prioritize, you too might be interested in learning more about the different equipments that are out there and perhaps selecting something good for yourself.

Staying in Shape By Using Chin Up Bars

Staying in shape has never been cheap until the emergence of chin up bars. This fitness equipment tones the body and helps strengthen the back, as well as the arms and chest. Read on for more information on how to use the chin up bars and learn about the benefits that you can get out of using it.

Polar RS 300X Heart Rate Monitor – The Must-Have Tool for 2011?

Donna, a committed cyclist from the Midwest, who trains on a daily basis, swears by her Polar RS 300X. “It packs all the features I need into a great fitting, easy to use watch, heart rate monitor and training assistant all in one!”

Discount Fitness Equipment – There’s More Than Meets The Eye

You can get good deals on discount fitness equipment if you look in the right places and do your homework. But, you can also get free fitness equipment right out your front door!