Push Up Pro Grips – Simple Exercise Equipment

You may have seen them being advertised on the television recently. They are rotating push up pro grips, and they are a great new way to perform push ups with great intensity on any surface. They will set you back about 50 dollars.

Rowing Machine Benefits – There Are More Than You Know

Would you believe that there are rowing machine benefits that you may not be aware of? Well, when you read what this entire device can do for you it will truly amaze you.

Using Twist Steppers to Get Ready For Summer Short Season

Before you know it beach season will be here. As you think about this you might think that it is time to step up your exercise routine and get in shape for shorts and bathing suits.

Rowing Machine Benefits – A Great Unknown Workout

There are more rowing machine benefits than many people know about. In fact, if the extent of the workout and the benefits that could be derived were common knowledge, everyone would be jumping on them every time they entered a gym.

Tips For Looking at Used Rowing Machines

When it comes time to set up your own home gym and attempt to lose weight, you want to make sure that you have the best tools available to you. One thing that many people are choosing to consider these days are used rowing machines as they can provide quite a workout to the body.

Rowing Machine Benefits – A Great Form of Exercise

Most people who work never realize how much a rowing machine benefits your body. This is actually one of the best low impact workouts that you can do and the results will astonish you.

Tone-Up Your Body With an Oscillating Vibration Plate Trainer

If you are looking to get in shape and improve your fitness levels then you may have considered investing in a Vibration Plate fitness trainer. These remarkable pieces of fitness equipment are based on clever vibration technology that when used during moderate exercise can stimulate your cells to a level far greater than just through ordinary exercise. Many users report remarkable results, including weight loss, reduction in cellulite and improved body tone.

How a Rowing Machine Can Change Your Workout

Are you looking for a piece of exercise equipment to add a new dimension to your workouts? The rowing machine can offer you an intense low impact workout to offer you training variety while minimising potential for injury.

What You Need to Consider Before You Buy a Treadmill!

Treadmills have become considerably more affordable in the recent past. Lower priced models have also seen improved quality. For under $1,000, you can now buy a…

The Ab Belt – Myth Or Miracle?

A major break through in the world of fitness, dieting or weight loss is nothing but a very well concocted lie. There are so many products that perform seeming miracles, especially on telemarketing TV shows. The ab belt is no exception to this rule.

The Case For Kettlebells

The kettlebell is not a passing fad, it’s a piece of workout gear that every serious strength and condition practitioner should be using. Athletes and non athletes will benefit from this timeless tool.

Secrets on How to Buy Used Gym Equipment Cheap

Used gym equipment is quickly becoming an alternative to buying new fitness machines. Every day more and more people and health clubs as well as rehabilitation centers and schools are realizing the benefits of buying used fitness machines over new.

Heart Monitor Watches – Not Just For the Serious Athlete

If you work out or are involved in sports, you are probably at least a little bit familiar with heart monitor watches. For many athletes, heart rate monitors are an important piece of fitness equipment. But you don’t have to be a serious athlete to benefit from a heart monitor.