Build Huge Back Muscles and a V Taper With the Iron Gym Pull Up Bar

One of the quickest way to build your upper body and give the appearance of mass is to build the upper back muscles while losing a few inches off of the waistline. The Iron Gym Pull Up Bar allows you to do all of these things from your own home. If you want a huge upper body you need to do feet elevated pushups and different grips of pull ups to gain size in the chest and lats. These two exercises can be supersetted also. This is when you finish off a set of pull ups and rest for only 30 seconds and go right to a set of pushups. Then rest again for 30 seconds and back to pullups.

How Accurate is the Exercise Machine Heartbeat Readings?

Many people say heart beat monitors in exercise machines are not that accurate. Find out if there is any truth to this claim.

Life Span TR200 Fold and Store Compact Treadmill – Fitness Equipment Ideal For Light Uses

Life Span TR200 Fold and Store Treadmill is a simple portable walking treadmill. The size is very compact because it can be folded and stored under the bed or any small area. It comes fully assembled and ready to use as such. It can be moved easily from one place to another and therefore useful for older people.

Why the Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor is Your Perfect Running Mate!

A runner’s must have item is the versatile and functional Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor. It offers features that even novice runners will find easy to use.

Home Gym Fitness Equipment

Exercise is proven to prevent many chronic conditions. Heart disease, high blood pressure, dementia, and diabetes all respond well to regular exercise. Fitness is a step beyond; it requires…

Will Special Exercise Shoes Help You Lose Weight and Tone Your Tush?

I had to laugh when I read a review on these new fitness shoes that promise you a “workout while you walk.” Imagine that! A workout while you walk! I thought walking was a workout, but I guess not. Maybe I can create a beverage that satisfies thirst while you drink or a car that offers transportation while you drive.

Take Advantage of the Right Exercise Equipment to Build Your Muscles

Are you comfortable facing the mirror? Or there are a few extra pounds that you would like to shed off you. If so is the case then now is the time to act and do the needful. If you’ve already aligned your diet with your desire to shed some flab, then it’s surely a step in the right direction. Though a lot more need to be done, like workouts performed in a regular manner. And what better way to start than to try out some fitness equipments targeting the abs and which you can use in your own home in perfect privacy.

Have You Thought About a Home Body Fitness Gym?

If you have thought about a home body fitness gym, it is about time you make that decision! If you find yourself strapped for time to dedicate to exercising, a home body fitness gym is exactly what you need!

Buying the Right Stretching Equipment Set

The humble stretching is anything but a simple exercise if you decide to try it to its limit. Stretching to achieve relaxation is perhaps its simplest form and you won’t feel the heat. Though the same can definitely not be said of full blown stretching exercises that involve so many steps and can be extremely strenuous, so much that you need to have the right equipments for you to do them in the right manner. People are more inclined towards high intensity exercises rather than stretching, which explains why a typical gym is less likely to have proper stretching equipments.

The Importance of Ab Exercise Equipment to Optimize Your Workout

There are many people who believe that ab exercise equipment have no role to play in improving your workout and that the traditional sit-ups and crunches can be enough in producing identical results. But the one fact that they miss out on is that it will let you do the exercises in just the manner that can produce the best results, without requiring a spotter. The equipment can be tempting as well to get started, since for achieving the desired results, you’ll be required to start off first of all.

Elliptical Trainers and Calories Burned

Elliptical trainers are one of the best, if not the best, cardio exercise machines available today. These machines are an excellent way to become physically fit because of the many benefits offered, which range from low-impact exercise to whole body conditioning to impressive quantity of calories burned per session. There are some important facts that you need to know before you jump on the elliptical and start working out. Read on to learn more.

Christmas Fitness Wish List

With Christmas just around the corner I have compiled a list of affordable, portable, effective and versatile pieces of fitness equipment that I highly recommend for home use, at the office or on vacation. These are my personal favourite training tools which I use myself and with all of my clients.

Soccer Rebounders – Finding Quality That Will Last

When it comes to soccer rebounders, you can never be too careful. If they aren’t well made, they can fall over, seriously injuring those that are using it. Before going into how to find a quality soccer rebounder, let’s go into what they are and what they are and are not for.