Adjustable Weight Dumbbells – Are They Better Than Fixed Sets?

Choosing the right type of dumbbells for your home gym can be tricky. Should you go with a fixed set or the newer adjustable dumbbells. Here’s a quick intro to the pros and cons of both types as well as some hints about what to look for in a good set.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy A Treadmill

Before you go out and buy a treadmill, it is essential to learn as much as you can about this exercise equipment. That way, you will be able to make a careful assessment to see whether a particular treadmill truly suits your exercise needs. Here are a few important tips to help you decide.

How To Use the Ab Circle Pro To Get Great Abs

There are hundreds of different exercise machines in the market, but nothing compares to the efficiency of the ab circle pro. What makes this machine different from all of the others is that it combines both resistance and cardiovascular training in one single piece of equipment. To help you achieve your goals, here are a few suggestions on how to use the ab circle pro to get great abs.

The Starting Point – More Important Than Training And Diet “Details”

Before we get into the “details” of all of the training techniques and dietary strategies for losing belly fat and getting those six pack abs, I want to show you the #1 reason why most people fail to ever achieve this goal. If you ignore this starting point, it is most likely that you will never get the fitness results that you’re looking for. This explains why so many people struggle and yoyo back and forth with their fitness for years and years of frustration.

Choosing the Best Home Gym Equipment for Your Fitness Demands

Home gym equipment gives you the ability to reproduce fitness exercise in a gym without having to pay monthly fees or leaving your house. Many pieces of gym fitness equipment sold for home utilization can be used to exercise various areas of the body. This implies that one machine at home might serve the purpose of three distinct machines you would use in a fitness center. Space saving designs and versatility has made some models of gym equipment extremely effective for weight loss and improved fitness and health.

Kettlebell Training 411

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of kettlebells, and if you aren’t incorporating them into your training program you’re really missing out. Why you ask?? First of all, Time Investment. Kettlebell training can provide such a quick increase in many aspects of your training in very little time. Endurance, Coordination, ROM, Torso Strength, and Power are just a few components that you can expect to increase in as little as a couple weeks. Since kettlebell training is based on using the body as a whole and transferring force from the point of contact on the ground into the kettlebell, workouts are much shorter than the traditional bodybuilding type training the average joe knows from reading the magazine rack.

A Comparison Between Pro Grade and Classic Kettlebells

A comparison between the similarities and differences between two styles of kettlebell – the classic, and pro grade. The benefits of each style are outlined and the best exercises for each style are discussed. The author then provides his opinion as to the better of the two

What’s The Best Jogging Stroller for Runners?

They say the best wine is the wine you like the best. The same holds true for jogging strollers but only to a point. Oh sure, you can pick the colour and general style you want, but when it comes to features, you should be a bit more analytical and set your style concerns to the side.

Peekaboo Hot Pink Party Stripper Pole Dance Kit Review

Pole fitness is becoming more and more popular workout nowadays and many of those who practice it are wondering what poles are good, and what are not that good. This article is a review of a Peekaboo pole dance kit, so if you are thinking about buying Peekaboo pole, read on.

Why Would You Want a Heart Rate Monitor Watch?

Find out why a heart rate monitor watch will help you to improve your workouts. Also read about the other advantages to owning a heart rate monitor watch.

Carmen Electra Spinning Dance Pole, New 2011 Version Review

Pole fitness is becoming more and more popular workout nowadays and many of those who practice it are wondering what poles are good, and what are not that good. This article is a review of a new 2011 version of Carmen Electra spinning dance pole, so if you are thinking about buying Carmen Electra pole, read on.

Jogging With Baby Requires A Jogging Stroller

When we had our first child, my wife took our 2 year old at the time out strolling in our a stroller that was not designed for jogging. Ok, ok, she didn’t do it, I did. But my point is don’t jog with a stroller that isn’t a jogging stroller.

An Overview of Today’s 5 Most Popular Elliptical Brands

If you are interested in buying an elliptical machine you really should do your research first. Doing this research properly will guarantee that you will be able to make a wise and well informed choice on what elliptical machine to buy. One of the best ways to easily do your research is to just concentrate on the brands. If you focus your research on the top five elliptical brands on the market, you will definitely make the perfect decision as to which exercise machine to acquire for yourself. Below is a brief overview of the top five elliptical brands in the market today.