Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis is the personal fitness range of the legendary Olympic athlete Carl Lewis. Carl Lewis fitness, under license, is part of the Alba PLC group of companies. The Alba group was founded in 1963, with the formation of Harris Overseas limited.

Nordic Track

Nordic Track was established 20 years back. They first came with gliding wood skis which was a big hit in the global market. In the late 1990’s, Nordic Track expanded into fitness equipment, like the elliptical machines and then into treadmills.

Free Weights Vs Weight Machines

Since the 1970’s the weight machines have been promising awesome results in little time and one body part at a time. And since the 1970’s gym members wanting results from performing a circuit workout on those machines have yet to see real results. This is one reason avid gym goers still look the same as they did last year and not any more defined and not any smaller.

Parkside Trampolines – Enjoying the Moments

One of the greatest past time exercise routines is through trampolines. Many people loved using trampolines for it gives them excitement and this is a perfect way to bond your family and have some fun time with them.

How to Find Reliable Treadmills Reviews

With the accessibility of the internet and the emergence of various article and document resources, it has been quite difficult to point out which article reviews are legitimate and reliable and which is spam. This is often the dilemma of people who are finding reliable product reviews for the intention of eventually buying the best and affordable products either online or over-the-counter.

York – Fitness Icon

York has always been in the forefront of manufacturing fitness related equipment for quite some time now. As a matter of fact, they have been into this for more than 75 years. The best part with the York equipment is that they are all individually tested for their performance and fine tuning before they are released into the market.

Roger Black

An earnest attempt has been made by Roger Black to stay healthy and remain fit by means of producing fitness related equipment of different kinds. For Roger Black, it is not just important to remain fit for sports but also for day-to-day activities. This ideology has led to the invention of number of fitness related equipment like Bikes, Rowers, Spin Cycles, Cross-Trainers, and Treadmills.

Weslo – Answer to Your Fitness Problems

Fitness equipment and appliances that is related to Weslo is considered to be one of the finest in the market today. They are considered to be very useful in maintaining a perfect fitness regime and weight loss. Irrespective of the equipment you choose for your purpose, they will be easy to operate on.

Tunturi – Synonymous With Fitness

The presence of Tunturi in the fitness industry can be traced back to 1922 when a small cycle shop was set up by Harkke brothers. What started out as a manufacturing unit for producing limited number of cycles; gradually turned out to be a unit producing cycles in large quantities. The term “Tunturi” has a Finnish meaning to it.

Horizon – Your Fitness Brand

The term “Horizon” has been synonymous with Fitness industry for quite a long time now. They are one of the leading providers of fitness related equipment like treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, and home gyms. “Horizon” has remained committed to spread higher level of fitness amongst its patrons.

Important Information to Use Home Gym Equipment

Having gym equipment in your home will be the best way to save your money rather than when you have to pay for membership in certain gym, aerobics classes, or personal training. Besides, you also do not have to hardly go out to the gym when the weather is bad because you can just exercise at home. So, here are going to give you some important information for you to use home gym equipment.

The Weighted Jump Rope Explained

Everyone knows about the normal jump rope. But, most people are not aware of a different kind of jumping rope that really works your arms and legs whenever you use it. That type of jumping rope is the weighted jump rope. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the weighted jump rope.

The Convenience of Home Treadmills

Gone are the days that people have to regularly visit the gym to have some serious workout. Since exercise machines have become relatively cheaper and accessible for public sale, treadmills have been one of those that immediately hit sales and have been one of the household equipments.