Polar Watch FT1 – A Cost Effective and Reliable Heart Rate Zone Trainer

If you are looking for a watch that can help you improve your fitness, a watch manufactures to turn your attention to is Polar. Polar make some of the most sophisticated sporting technology on the market and are noted for popularising the concept of the heart rate monitor device. Polar has some truly remarkable sports wrist top computer devices, but they also have some very cost-effective starter watches such as the Polar watch FT1 heart rate monitor. Here is a short review of the Polar FT1 watch.

Elliptical Training – High Intensity Low Impact Workouts

Elliptical trainers, often referred to as cross training machines, came on the scene in the 1990’s and rapidly grew in popularity. In large part, this popularity was due to television infomercials that introduced the idea to commercial gym and homeowners as a safer and more effective workout than the treadmill or exercise bike.

Elliptical Vs Treadmill – How Do They Compare?

If you are a fitness enthusiast it won’t be long before you start thinking of buying a home fitness machine. The two most popular exercise equipments for the home are the treadmill and elliptical trainer. Read on for a comparison of an elliptical vs treadmill.

Teeter Inversion Hang Ups – The Perfect Exercise Machine for Arthritis Patients

Teeter hang ups inversion tables or simply teeter inversion is an excellent exercise machine, far from the universal gym equipments found in the corners of most homes. After watching a video about how it works, I realized this could be the perfect exercise machine for persons with limitations on mobility. This is especially useful for individuals suffering from arthritis because the teeter hang ups inversion tables provide maximum support for the back.

Is A Pilates Exercise Machine Your Next Step To Your Exercise Program

If you feel that you have achieved your maximum results from pilates and are no longer getting anything out of your workout, it may be time to move up to a pilates exercise machine. Do not give up on an exercise routine that you like, add to it by challenging yourself.

Discover The Advantages Of Using An Aero Pilates Machine

There are many advantages to using an aero pilates machine and you will discover these in this article. Traditional pilates offers a form of stretching and movements that give you strength, flexibility and good posture when done correctly.

When Weight Lifting You Need to Use Weight Lifting Gloves

People who are indulging in regular exercise and lifting of heavy weights need to use this piece of safety measure known as the weight lifting gloves. Usage of the proper kind of weight lifting gloves can give the person lifting weights an easy feel without any discomfort.

Why Athletes Should Be Using Kinesiology Tape by Spidertech

If you are involved in sports or athletics, then you understand the benefits of taping. Taping is used by trainers and therapists to both treat and prevent sports injuries. It works to treat muscle pain, muscle and joint strain, and problems with limited mobility and range of motion. It can also be utilized as a prevention product by fixing joint stability, enhancing the area’s natural healing processes, and by limiting potentially dangerous ranges of movement.

Choose A Mini Exercise Bike If You Are Looking To Improve Your Fitness

There are many types of exercise bike on the market at the moment. If you are looking for a bike that is cheap and portable check out a mini exercise bike.

Air Climbers – An Easy Way To Exercise At Home

The air climber is a revolutionary device used as a stepper and also as an aerobic exerciser at home or in the gym which helps you to check your calories and burn them. The air climber helps you lose weight in a fun and easy way.

ProForm Power 1080 Treadmill

With a $1,299 price tag, the ProForm Power 1080 Treadmill is one of the best treadmills in the market on this price range. This machine is loaded with features to motivate you and help you attain your fitness goals faster.

Bodylastics Forums – Where to Get Free Resistance Bands Training

Recently a client of mine asked me if there are any good Bodylastics forums. So I did a quick search online and discovered a new website that Blake Kassel president of Bodylastic has created. It’s called liveexercise.

Bodylastics Vs Ripcords Unbiased Comparison

If you’re having trouble choosing between the Bodylastics vs Ripcords resistance bands, then you should continue reading this article. In this comparison review, you will discover the what are the different sets available from each of the manufacturers and what are the advantages that each one offers you. The reason that I have chosen to compare these two companies is because Ripcord is one of the leading alternatives to Bodylastics.