The Precor Efx 5.25 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

CrossRamp is a patented technology that only the Precor EFX 5.25 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer can offer that makes it possible to get a total body workout on one home gym exercise machine. In researching the tremendous variety of home exercise equipment that is on the market, one thing stands out.

The Kettleworx Fitness Program Review

The KettleWorx is a complete home fitness plan based on kettle bell training, used by professional body builders and beginners alike. The Kettle bell comes complete with 10 DVD’s and 200 unique exercises that are guaranteed to give you a remarkable workout and a complete body transformation all around.

Why a Body Fat Monitor Could Be Your New Best Friend

Body fat monitors have come a long way. The latest models are extremely accurate. If you are serious about your health a body fat monitor could become one of your best friends.

The Merit Fitness 715E Elliptical Trainer

Affordability Meets Efficiency for a Remarkable Elliptical. I recognize when I you watch advertisements for gym memberships or for elliptical machines, the costs that they come with are a problem. So when an elliptical machine producer produces a device that does the chore of supplying workouts at the house for a price that will not force you to take out a second mortgage, that is refreshing.

Marcy Home Gym – If You Don’t Want to Throw Money Out the Window

When you start researching for buying the best fitness equipment, consider Marcy home gym as a good solution for your problem. I know I have looked a lot for the optimal balance between the money I pay for a fitness equipment suited for my home and the quality and reliability I get. I can tell you I have compared a lot of fitness equipment, some by directly using them at the gym, others by internet research, other by friends reviews.

Three Ways a Treadmill Can Be Used to Vary Your Workout Routines

The treadmill is one of the best selling pieces of workout equipment around; it is also one of the oldest workout machines in existence. It is simplicity of use makes it a very popular workout for the average person. Other equipment have found their own niche and there are people who prefer them.

Pull Up Stations – How to Build Your Arms, Back and Shoulder Muscles Without Going Broke

Pull up bars are dirt cheap — it’s a fact. For under fifty bucks you can have a piece of equipment that let’s you lose weight and gain muscles. If you’re trying to do either of these things, then you can’t afford to not get a pull up station.

Lifespan Fitness Pro3 Treadmill – Fitness Equipment With an Extra Large Running Surface

A treadmill with large running surface is ideal for a comfortable workout for all. The LifeSpan Fitness Pro3 Treadmill has 22 inches wide by 60 inches long running surface. The price of this treadmill is comparatively higher but it is filled with many user friendly features. It has a very good motor and a robotically welded steel frame. This non folding treadmill from LifeSpan fitness is built for stability and superior performance. If you are looking for perfect home gym fitness equipment, you can trust on this machine. The Amazon price of this fitness equipment is $2299.00.

Low-Cost Fitness Equipment That Will Give You a Complete Workout

Exercise is essential to our health and well being. And there is no shortage of options for working out. Many people opt for a gym membership. But there are also thousands of people that have gym memberships that never use them. Finding time to go to the gym is not always easy and a plan that can be followed from your home works better for some individuals.

Family Fitness Program

Are you worried about your family members who are at the risk of becoming overweight or who are frail? Very few people who are in the poor fitness state take exercises they need. In order to help you to cope with your family’s missing fitness, I’d like to share a few tips with you.

A Guide to Treadmills

Want to get fit for the New Year? We have a guide to treadmills to help you get back to your summer shape.

Best Treadmill Reviews

When looking for a treadmill you need to research the market properly. You need to make sure you get the best treadmill that’s most suited for your use. One thing that can really help your research is an un-biased and honest review from previous buyers and users of treadmills.

The Benefits of a Rowing Machine

Rowing is a form of exercise that builds firm muscles on the arms and some parts of the torso. In the absence of a sizable body of water, one can do his rowing exercises in a rowing machine, also known as an ergometer.