Proform 850 Review – Learning About the Gamefit & Health Technology

When you think about playing video games, you generally think about sitting on the couch. The Proform 850 review, however, explained how this machine combines games and fitness in one with the GameFit technology.

Are You Considering Purchasing Your Own Fitness Equipment Or Going to a Gym

Considering buying exercise equipment lately well you are in for a big surprise; you apparently have not looked at the price tags then, of course it depends on the type of equipment you are interested in but even so it is not cheap. Even a low volume treadmill from brand name department stores are outrageous, and if you were wanting to get some quality equipment then you pretty much need to be wealthy or have a nice nest egg stashed or even better a high limit on your credit card.

Which Ab Belt to Choose?

It is almost summertime and this time of year men and women are trying to get their body in shape. It is not a question which part of the body needs the most attention while getting in shape. This definitely are the abs. A man with great abs is often wanted by lots of women on the beach.

BH Fitness Prisma M60 Treadmill Review

This article reviews the BH Fitness Prisma M60 Treadmill. It covers all the technical specifications, explains the features of the treadmill such as the programmes, as well as suggesting who it would be most suitable for.

Kettler Marathon ST Treadmill

This article reviews the Kettler Marathon ST treadmill. It explains the features of the machine as well as giving a guide to which users it is most suitable for.

Do Abdominal Belts Work?

You probably have seen them on the television, the advertisements that say you can get rock hard abs by wearing an abs belt only 10 minutes a day. Do these abdominal belts actually work? Read on…

How to Take Care of a Twist Stepper

Many exercising equipments are available in the market. But not many generate interest among the customers. Twist stepper is one of those equipments which have gained mass popularity in a short time frame.

Why is it Necessary to Use an Ab Belt?

This has been the sole intention of helping individuals reduce their fat and transform it into muscle fiber so as to get lean and slender looking abs devoid of putting the body into stress or elevated exertion levels. This is a scientific device that is used to create and develop a good Ab structure using a technology known as EMS or Electric Muscle Stimulation.

Which is the Best Cardio Machine For You?

There are several cardiovascular (cardio) machines to choose from, which can be confusing for beginners or infrequent visitors to health clubs. The best way to determine which machine is best for you and your fitness goals is to understand what each machine is built to do and how you can burn calories on it. All cardio machines are designed to elevate your heart rate through aerobic exercises.

Your Guide to the Ab Machine

There are many people out there who desire to have a wonderful ab section to show off when they are lying down on the sandy beach or just plain sitting down at the side of the pool, but this eludes them for the moment. To achieve this, such people would have to consider doing sit-up exercises and possibly also using an ab machine in order to get their stomach into shape. There are however, some people who do not believe in the use of an ab machine to get your stomach into that six pack…

Elliptical Trainers – Weight Loss Gimmick Or Fitness Super Machine?

I was surprised when I overheard someone refer to an elliptical trainer as a “weight loss gimmick” but it got me think about the latest trends in fitness equipment. With so many “machines” being advertised on TV its no wonder we are becoming a bit jaded about what actually works and whats just a FAD.

Why I Love a Home Gym

Its true that modern gyms are awesome. With so many great facilities and with the latest machines and equipment the steep memberships fees are almost worth it. The real problem with joining a local gym is not really the quality of the facility or even the steep membership fees.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Air Climber Fitness Mini Stepper

Have you been thinking of purchasing a fitness mini stepper? Make sure you are well informed before making a decision you might later regret.