Arm Exercise in Ballet Bar

The ballet dance is often regarded as the dance for the elite and elegant. Its stylized movement and positions that have been consistently entertaining through time make this dance not just a mere performance for entertainment but an art form. Though this dance form is changing and evolving through time, there is one thing about this dance that never changed and it is its use of the ballet bar to prepare the body of the dancers for the elegant routines.

Physical Health Benefits in Regular Use of a Trampoline

We all know that jumping on a trampoline for minutes can really make us sweat, and sweating on a regular basis is very healthy for our body. Trampoline is very good fitness equipment for both children and adults. Working out with this equipment can be really healthy. This article will highlight some of the major benefits you and your family can get in using this equipment.

A Great Little Piece of Ab Workout Equipment

One of the great things about abs training is, you don’t need a lot of expensive workout equipment. This article is all about the medicine ball, an inexpensive but very versatile tool for abs training.

NordicTrack ACT Pro Your Personal Elliptical Cross Trainer

There are numerous elliptical cross trainers on the market, but the NordicTrack ACT Pro cross trainer is regarded as one of the best. It has numerous features that can aid beginners and regular cross trainers alike, allowing for a totally customisable experience. The Pro model has various upgrades on its predecessors, such as a stronger fly wheel and a larger backlit display for easier reading.

Lifecore CD600 Elliptical – A Feature Packed and Compact Elliptical Machine

The Lifecore CD600 is an elliptical trainer designed to save on precious living space. That’s because this fitness machine measures only 46 inches in length and 31 inches in width. But don’t let its compact size fool you.

Home Fitness Gym – Don’t Break the Bank

The idea that a home fitness gym requires deep pockets is simply a myth. A little self-analysis and you can have your gym up and running right away.

Why Dumbbells Are Better Than Barbells

Adjustable dumbbells are great for those who want fitness equipment that doesn’t take up an entire room. For example, a treadmill may be a great piece of equipment for getting your daily dose of cardiovascular exercise, but it can very easily take up to half of space in your room.

Resistance Bands Buying Guide

Buy a new set of resistance bands can be confusing. Learn about the features and benefits that the set of bands that you buy must have before you waste your money.

The Benefits of the Electric Treadmill

The electric treadmill is a great invention! Many people feel stressed out when they get home from work. This is very understandable. Just take a look at the average 21st century-workday. People constantly have to answer emails and phone calls.

Princeton Outdoor Action – Prevent Mild Hypothermia by Wearing Proper Heated Gear

A warm environment is a basic in human nature. Essentially, humans are not made to withstand extremely cold surroundings and as an effect, a fatal condition called hypothermia steps in.

Do You Need Gym Quality Fitness Equipment at Home?

When looking at exercise bikes at home, you might wonder if you need what is considered gym quality fitness equipment, or are there other models that work just fine. There are two sides to the issue, and you might have to weigh the pros and cons.

Indoor Training Cycles – Avoid the Dust Bunnies From Non-Use

People seem to go through stages of “get in shape” moods. This is when you see all the ads on TV, and the Big Push in the store. Indoor training cycles fall into this category.

Kettlebell Training – Common Excuses Not to Work Out Debunked by Kettlebell Training

People can come up with many common excuses not to exercise. Kettlebell training offers an efficient, comprehensive workout in a short amount of time that produces results.