Why Every Woman Should Include Weights in Their Fitness Routine

There is a popular misconception that when women begin to lift weights they lose their femininity and look too bulky, which could not be farther from reality. The vast majority of women all over the world are always seeking the fastest and most convenient new methods to lose weight. After spending a small fortune on shakes, exercise equipment and dangerous diet pills they come to the harsh realization that they must workout and eat properly to achieve success shedding pounds.

Incline Weight Bench – Which One is Best For You?

While the adjustable weight bench can go from full decline to 90-degree incline, the incline weight bench and its flat counterpart are non-adjustable. Still, you should consider the incline weight bench for its many benefits. Find out more…

Hex Dumbbells – 6 Tips on Choosing the Right One For Your Gym

So many people engage in cardiovascular exercise like running, walking and jumping with and without fitness equipment in the belief that these activities are sufficient for general health. However, we all need resistance exercises to build up the bones and muscles necessary to sustain our daily activities including exercises. One of the best forms of resistance exercise is the use of hex dumbbells.

Mini Steppers – Pros and Cons

The mini stepper machine is one of the best exercise machines there is, but that doesn’t mean that it will be the right fitness machine for you. To help you decide whether to say “Yes please” to mini stair steppers, have a look at these pros and cons of mini stepper machines:

ACL Injuries – The Way Back With Water Therapy

A slow recovery from an ACL injury can put a professional athlete’s career on hold. May professional sports clubs and athletes have turned to aquatic therapy and water treadmills to speed up their rehabilitation.

Hula Hooping – Exercise Benefits of Using the Hula Hoop

Many of us have special memories of hula hooping as a child. Whether it was with our best friend in her driveway or by yourself in the backyard, it was always a wonderful source of playful fun and sometimes a little competition. The hula hoop is a toy hoop that is twisted around the waist, limbs, or neck. They generally measure around 28 inches in diameter and approximately 40 inches for adults.

Top 5 Cardio Machines

If you are looking for a new cardio machine to exercise on or you want to know what the benefits are of some of the cardio machines, you are in luck. This is because we will look at the top 5 cardio machines in this article – what they do and why they are so effective.

Creating a Home Gym is a Great Way to Get Fit

Skip driving to the gym and workout right in the comfort of your own home. Creating a workout space is easy.

Do Ab Belts Really Work?

Can ab belts really help you lose weight? Here are some thoughts on the matter.

How to Select a Rowing Machine

Each person has a dream of keeping one’s body fit and in shape. Regular exercise has become a part and parcel of daily life and it has become important in today’s world. Even after a hectic daily schedule people often don’t forget to exercise to keep their mind and body healthy.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Your New Elliptical Crosstrainer

With so many manufacturers producing elliptical machines, where does a person start when looking to purchase an elliptical cross trainer? What should you look for when purchasing an elliptical? Elliptical cross trainers are a great piece of cardiovascular equipment.

Used Dumbbells – What You Must Know Before Buying Secondhand Dumbbells

Fortunately, used dumbbells are not on the list of twenty things that we are advised not to purchase secondhand. So, when looking for affordable but quality dumbbells, we suggest looking first into secondhand units before considering brand-new ones.

What to Look For in a Rowing Machine

Rowing machines are an excellent exercise device which helps in the overall training of the human body. Since there is considerable price that you need to pay for purchasing one it is always better to do some initial research to know the feature of the different types of machines available in the market and choose the one that is the most appropriate to suit your needs and one that fits your budget. As such the least expensive are priced approximately around $500 and the costliest ones are priced approximately around $2500.