Why Using a Fitness Exercise Bike is the Best Form of Exercise

There are a wide range of fitness exercise bikes on the market today, offering the perfect workout for literally everyone who with fitness goals. From someone looking to drop a few extra pounds to those just looking to tone up or maintain their current weight, an exercise bike is the perfect home tool to help achieve these goals.

Whole Body Vibration – Does it Work?

The concept of Whole Body Vibration seems to be increasing in popularity thanks to vibration platforms that are being aggressively marketed everywhere I look as the answer to muscle building, “toning” and fat loss. The question is – does it work? In this article I see if the research backs the claims made by the marketers and whether whole body vibration has a place in your exercise regime.

Home Fitness Equipment & You

There are many good reasons you need to be concerned about your physical health and protect yourself from the increasing numbers of cases of heart related diseases, diabetes, and obesity that are a threat to both men and women today. Home fitness equipment allows you to get in shape in the privacy and convenience of your own home. It brings the gym to your home.

Get the Top of the Line Heart Rate Monitor With the Suunto T6c

If you are an athlete and are in the market for a good heart monitor, look into purchasing a Suunto t6c. This monitor is very high priced (around $400), but if you are an athlete who is training perhaps for a marathon or a triathlon, this is the monitor for you. Given four out of five stars, this monitor is for the serious athlete.

Utilizing Home Fitness Equipment to Tone Your Body

Many people like to head to the gym for a good workout. However, joining fees and monthly costs of going to a gym can soon add up. One way to avoid having to spend a small fortune while staying healthy is to invest in home fitness equipment. Many will find that the initial investment of the gear is steep. Just keep in mind that your investment will soon be recovered as you save on the costs of going to the fitness center.

How to Choose a Gym – 10 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best-Fit Gym For You

The goal has been set, the plan has been laid out and what’s left is choosing a gym that is conducive to your workout program. You may be wondering, “How to choose a gym that is right for me?” There are several things to consider, but I want to emphasize that it’s important that the gym you choose makes you comfortable and motivated, else you’re likely to drop off sooner than later. By ensuring your gym is a good fit for you, you put yourself in a smoother way to realizing your health and fitness goals.

Fitness Home Gym – Why Using a Fitness Equipment Home Gym Makes Sense

Are you online looking for pros and cons regarding working out at home? If you knew them would they help you make a purchasing decision? read more about a fitness home gym here…

How to Find the Best Treadmill Review – A Process For Sifting Through Treadmills Reviews

Are you online looking for reviews on treadmills? Do you have a system in place that you can use to find a treadmill that’s meets or exceeds your expectations in a quick and effective manner?

Heartbeat Monitors

It wasn’t long ago that heartbeat monitors were used strictly by health care professionals. But an increase in people wanting to ensure they are as healthy as possible, has lead to heartbeat monitors becoming a very common component of a fitness routine.

How to Choose a Fitness Rowing Machine – Some Considerations

Fitness rowing machines offer an excellent all round training which is kind to the joints yet gives a demanding, aerobic exercise that uses muscles in both the upper and lower body. They are high-priced though so it is a good idea to do research on the different types before you pay money for one to make sure the machine you finish up with is the most appropriate for your needs. The least expensive rowing machine you will doubtless find is approximately $500 and the priciest nearly $2500 so you really want to understand which type to buy and which features you would need.

The Kettlebell – What Should You Look For Before Making Your Kettlebell Purchase?

What weight should you start with before making your kettlebell purchase? Have you seen different types of kettlebells and wonder what type you should get? Well after reading this article you will know exactly what you need!

Bayou Fitness Review

Thanks to the tremendous innovations in the health and fitness field, brilliant devices such as the Bayou Fitness Trainer 4000 XL have been developed. Such a total body trainer is significantly better than many of the old school – and ineffective – weight training devices that still permeate the marketplace. Unlike a lot of home gym systems on the market, the Bayou Total Trainer 4000 XL system comes with a multitude of attachments designed to aid in a variety of workout programs.

Some Considerations When Buying an Elliptical Fitness Machine

An extremely popular type of fitness exercise machine, elliptical trainers were introduced in 1995 and have been developed enormously since then. A cross trainer with moving arms was introduced by Reebok which worked on the arms as well as the legs for the first time. Elliptical cross trainers have become increasingly popular, both at the gym and in the home, for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include giving a low impact exercise that does not harm the hips, back, knees or joints. The exercise they provide is also weight-bearing which is very good to help maintain bone density and they also efficiently burn calories.

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