Lose Weight With a Regular Treadmill Workout

The treadmill is one of the most popular pieces of home fitness equipment and it is easy to understand why. Running is a great way to exercise, delivering a superb cardio-vascular workout that works out the big problem areas of thighs, buttocks, abs and arms. However, a treadmill workout can be boring and some users report the dreaded plateau effect after a couple of months. Exercising on a treadmill should be fun and with a little thought you should be able to create some really effective workouts that will challenge both your body and your mind.

Ab Wheel: Great Piece of Ab Equipment for the Luggage

Regular muscle training is very beneficial and is more effective with a little piece of ab equipment like the ab wheel. The operative word is: Regular. An ab wheel fits in the luggage and enables even travellers to do a regular 5 minute workout. Most exercises wheels are double ab wheels. They are also called dual ab wheels and have 2 parallel wheels for better balance.

Fitness Machines – A Perfect Alternative to Traditional Exercises

Fitness machines have grown very popular over the last few years. And one of the reasons for their being so popular is their creation of domestic and commercial level models.

Proper Gym Etiquette

Going to gym has become party of modern lifestyle. It is a way to get much-needed exercise after a whole day of sitting at work. So if you’ve been going to gym for some time now, you probably have a routine and some useful techniques. But your gym subscription carries more responsibility than just paying your dues every month. That’s right; there are etiquette you need to observe to make the experience pleasant for everyone at the gym.

Proform 1280 Elliptical at Glance

This model of Proform elliptical machines was created in order to provide for the imperfection of the preceding model, namely, Proform 1080. It has great features that distinguishes it from other elliptical trainers. Such features include, incline power control, iFit technology, interactive CD player and others. Below I am going to discuss the features of Proform 1280. I am going to list out the pros and cons of this model.

Vertical Jump Increase – The Case For And Against Strength Shoes

Strength shoes are shoes that have raised platforms in their front. They are supposed to increase your calf size, strengthen the Achilles tendon, increase your fast twitch muscles, improve vertical jump by up to 5 to 10 inches and reduce your time in the 40 yard dash. The theory is that up to 30% of your vertical jump and sprinting ability comes from your calves and forefoot, therefore any equipment that isolates these muscles while you work out will bring about greater than proportionate gains in jumping and sprinting.

Knee Braces for Sport

It is a common sight to see not only amateurs, but also professional athletes wearing a knee brace or support. Make sure the brace you choose is suitable for both your injury and your sport!

Is The ProForm Abs Workout Machine The Fastest Way To Achieve Six Pack Abs?

It is not uncommon for people to buy the latest ab machine that comes out on the market no matter what the cost. People are consistently looking for the next best thing, but are completely neglecting the real issue why they continue to buy these types of products. It comes to no surprise that the main reason why people buy these gadgets is the hope of getting great looking abs.

Jumping Stilts 102

It took a German aerospace engineer to invent and patent the modern day jumping stilts which he named “Power skips”. These odd looking contraptions were nothing similar to the ones dad used when he was a kid.

Reasons Why The Adjustable Dumbbell Set May Be The Best Dumbbells For You

Have you been trying to decide on which dumbbells may be the right fit for you? The choice usually starts with choosing between adjustable dumbbells and solid cast iron hex dumbbells.

Getting Fit With Help From Treadmills

Although they are somewhat expensive and take up a lot of space, for people who are afford these costs, treadmills are one of the best pieces of home fitness equipment. They are suitable for people with various levels of fitness, from those who are just beginning walking programs to those who are preparing for marathons.

Fuel Fitness Cross Trainers Make UK Market Debut

Fuel Fitness is a relatively new name to the UK home fitness equipment market but if you want to get in shape at home then this is a name you need to remember. Fuel Fitness is the European brand name for Sole Fitness; America’s Number One brand for cross trainers. Encouragingly, the name is the only thing to change, with the quality of the cross trainer range remaining as high for we Europeans as it is in the USA.

Body Solid Smith Machine – Features And Affordability Guide

If you have been looking at the Body Solid Smith Machine then you have probably noticed the price tag that goes with it. Some people who have never used this type of machine may be a little bit leery of paying that much money for it without knowing whether it is worth it or not. There are a few things that you will want to take the time to think about if you are interested in buying this machine.