How to Choose Your Best Home Gym Equipment

Why work out at a gym when you can actually do so at your home? After all, provided with an option, you surely would rather not trudge all the way to the gym right after you get up in the morning! And if you exercise after work, it’s even better for you to come back home and hit the gym. But then, for working out at home, you need to have the right equipment for your gym.

Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

Learn about the typical benefits of inversion therapy you can get with a high quality inversion table. It can do more than just relieve back pain.

My Free Fitness Home Gym

I always resisted joining a gym because of the cost and didn’t know how to get healthy and fit. I finally realized that there were so many different ways I could get healthy without spending a dime.

9 Reasons the Bayou Total Trainer is the Best Home Gym on the Market

After researching the most appealing alternatives I could find for a home gym purchase, I settled on the Bayou Total Fitness Trainer DLX III. I ultimately came up with nine reasons the Bayou Total Trainer was the most effective piece of equipment.

Why So Many Choose Bowflex

There are unquestionably many benefits to owning a home gym versus a public fitness center membership. There are several good reasons to purchase a Bowflex.

Key Advantages of the Total Gym XLS

The Total Gym enables you to do more than eighty exercises for cardio, overall flexibility and strength training. Using this equipment often leads to an abundance of fitness, health and well-being advancements.

Sole F80 Folding Treadmill Still a Favorite

The Sole F80 Treadmill has been on the market for a long while but remains a favorite among experts and consumers. Learn what people love about this popular treadmill and why more people are choosing this model for their home gyms.

Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser – Is it Worth the Money?

If you are reading these lines you must be by now probably thinking on buying one of these new machines we see all the time in the TV spots: The Body by Jake Cardio Cruiser. Well, we have news for you: Don’t buy it yet! As with every exercising machine you can purchase there are pros and cons you MUST consider even before you take your hand to your wallet pocket.

The Right Power With the Right Machine

One of the most trusted brands in aerobic exercise is the Concept 2 air rowing machine that has established its name for more than thirty years. The Concept 2 type of rowing machine has given you the range of fitness and health apparatus that has met the needs of your strenuous and demanding lifestyle.

Selecting Which Air Rowing Machine is Best For You

The air rowing machine is seen as the best all-around workout equipment for losing weight in any fitness gym. This machine, which basically mimics the motions made when rowing, allows for generalized cardiovascular exercise which can hone and tone the muscles and the bones.

Pull-Ups and Why They Are Important to Your Workout

Push-ups and Pull-ups have long been considered the two best exercises to train your upper body. Everyone can do push-ups!

Fitness Industry and the iPad – Could the iPad Save Personal Trainers From Using So Much Paper?

The Apple iPad is an evolutionary device that will change many industries including the fitness industry. Is it time to bring the fitness industry (not known for its tech savvy environment) out of the ice ages?

Elliptical Exercise Equipment – Features and Benefits

Fitness is becoming a must do goal for many Americans. The obesity epidemic whilst at an all time high has made many people aware of the need to become more active. Elliptical exercise equipment is one of the best ways to burn extra calories, slim your waistline and they are a lot of fun to use.