Treadmills That Save Money and Space

These days, more and more people are trying to buy treadmills that don’t cost a whole lot and don’t take up a lot of space. Here are two treadmills that fit the bill.

Boost the Efficiency of Your Workout by Using the Latest Footwear Innovation

Shoes which increase the efficiency of your workout – or even give you a workout just by walking around normally – are all the rage right now. Do they really work?

Things That Should Be Known Before Buying a Vibration Machine

When it comes to the best vibration exercise equipment, it has a number of misunderstandings and false truths related to it. This is because the reality of whole body vibration is relatively new in Australia. People who are new to the thought of vibration fitness have been misled by false information.

The Pros and Cons of Free Weights

Free weights have a variety of advantages and disadvantages. Read this guide to educate yourself and help you decide if they are a suitable tool for you.

The Benefits of Home Gym Equipment in Your House

With an estimated three out of four Americans overweight, becoming physically fit is more important right now than it has ever been. We are constantly bombarded with unhealthy food choices and sometimes your best defense against it is to exercise regularly.

The Pros and Cons of Weight Machines

Weight machines can be a very effective part of your weight lifting regime. Read more to find out the full list of advantages and disadvantages of using them.

4 Reasons Why You Should Get Some Adjustable Dumbbells

To many an adjustable dumbbell system might seem like an expensive purchase, however that is not the way I see it. A good set might set you back 300-500 dollars depending on how good and how heavy you want, but this is just a small price for all the pleasure adjustable dumbbells can give. 1.

Affordable Elliptical Trainers

When considering elliptical trainers available, many consumers think that almost all ellipticals that are low-priced are cheap. That is not actuality. While a couple of the elliptical units in the lower cost level are both low-priced and cheaply constructed there are a couple that are both reasonably priced and strong quality.

Wobble Mania

You’ve probably seen some odd looking circular boards or maybe plastic disks here and there in your gym and wondered “What the heck are all those?” These mini flying saucers are called “Wobble Boards” or simply “Balance Boards”. At first I thought they looked like some sort of kid’s plaything but they are probably the most efficient and even fun to utilize rehabilitation & core strength building tools.

Ideas For Recycling an Old Trampoline

Probably everyone had a trampoline back in the day. Now that you’ve bought a brand new trampoline, what do you do with the old one? You don’t have to throw it away! Here are some ideas if you’d like to try and recycle an old trampoline.

Space Saving Treadmills For Your Home

Love running? A treadmill might be the very first equipment that you use when you are in a gym. Treadmills themselves are popular sport equipment you can easily find in sport centers and health-clubs. If you like this so much, why do not you purchase one?

How to Choose the Best Home Exercise Equipment For Optimal Results

Looking to improve your fitness but want to exercise at home? Check out which exercise equipment is best for your needs.

Everlast 4008 Traditional Heavy Bag – Beat It Senseless

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a die hard boxing fan, martial arts fan, a loved one that wants to get into shape or someone that just wants to blow off some extra steam, then you should consider the Everlast 4008 traditional heavy bag. It is sure to please anyone of those choices. Why Everlast?