How to Calculate Treadmill Conversion to Simulate Outdoor Running

Treadmill conversion is still a contentious issue with hard core runners. Most feel that using a treadmill with or without incline can not simulate the effort and results of a good run outdoors. Having said that, it’s not always possible to get out and run anytime you want.

Four Benefits of Weight Machines Opposed to Free Weights

Weight machines are a tool that people exercising can use to help them target specific muscle groups. Opposed to free weights, machines often are safer and can be better for inexperienced weight lifters.

The Four Types of Weight Benches and Finding What is Right For You

In the world of weight lifting there are four main types of weight benches that can help you with your exercise routines. It is very important that you use the appropriate type of weight bench so that you do not hurt yourself and still have the most effective workout at the same time. These four types of weight benches are: flat, vertical, decline, and incline.

How to Use an Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainers have boomed in popularity and in the cardio machine stakes, they are now as popular as treadmills. This article explains what elliptical trainers are, their benefits and some tips on how to use them effectively. Elliptical trainers have two large, flat foot pedals and when you use them your feet follow an elongated oval shape known as an ellipse.

How to Use a Stair-Climber Or Stepper

A stair-climber or stepper, as they’re often called, is a great cardio machine. Not only does it provide a great workout, it eliminates most of the wear and tear on your joints. This article explains the benefits of using a stair-climber and provides some tips of how to use it correctly.

The Home Users Guide to Treadmills – Part 1

In today’s market for home fitness equipment treadmills continue to be extremely popular and with valid reason. They are fantastic for cardio based workouts and simple to ease. Due to the fact that treadmills are so popular there are an enormous variety of different models from different manufactures on the market. They also come with an ever increasing range of features. All this makes the task of choosing a suitable treadmill for the novice quite a daunting task.

The Home Users Guide to Treadmills – Part 2

One of the main advantages associated with exercising on treadmills is that walking is such a universally acceptable from of exercise available to everyone. It’s the easiest first step any novice can take towards achieving improved fitness. As your level of fitness grows your treadmill will accommodate the new levels you move into from relaxed jogging even to running. It’s also something which will adapt itself to every member of the household regardless of age or fitness level.

How Treadmill Dimensions Can Limit Your Workout

Treadmill dimensions are often overlooked when people buy a treadmill. In a lot of cases, there just isn’t enough room to buy the biggest and best, so you have to be sure you don’t limit yourself with your treadmill dimensions. In most cases the treadmill will fit into the spare room or the basement of a single family home but a townhouse or condo living poses other space issues.

Getting Quality Weight Training Equipment

Lifting weights is a goal we all put off more and more these days as our schedules get busier. The advantage of a home gym allows you to save the time driving to and from the gym, as well as saving you on gas. Plus you can sometimes get in your workout in between activities at home.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Weight Machines

You will find weight machines at every health club but some people find them really complicated. This article explains what these machines are, how they work and what their advantages are.

How to Use a Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes are one of the most popular cardio machines and you’ll find one in just about every gym. This article provides information about the different types of bike, their advantages and disadvantages and some tips on how to use them effectively.

Sole F80 Treadmill Review – Is the Sole F80 Worth the Money Or Not?

Is the Sole F80 Treadmill a smart buy or not? It’s certainly one of the more popular models-there’s no disputing that. But is it a good buy? Let’s find out.

Treadmill Benefits – Five Reasons to Start Using a Treadmill Today

Ever wondered about the benefits of a treadmill? Discover five reasons why using a treadmill is a great way to lose weight, burn calories, and improve your overall physical fitness.

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