Sole TT8 Treadmill – A Perfect Fitness Equipment For Serious Runners

The Sole TT8 Treadmill is for serious runners and fitness conscious people. There is a wide deck, a 3.5 HP motor and an impressive home use warranty.

The Origins of the Timex Ironman Watch

The Timex Ironman watch is also commonly known as the “Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch”, is Timex’s flagship product and is one of the best selling sports watches of all time! The watch has been in production since 1986 and with an estimated half a million to a million Triathlon Watches sold each year, has become the world’s best selling sports watch. Take a journey back and discover the origins of the most famous sports watch on the planet.

Schwinn 231 Recumbent Bike – 5 Tips If You Want One

A Schwinn 231 Exercise Bike is the recumbent that many people choose. Now this isn’t the cheapest exercise bike by any means. It may offer more value than most others though. Here’s why…

Dual Action Exercise Bike – Three Ways to Faster Results

Dual action exercise bike advantages are several. Get these three tips for better results from your exercise bike.

Schwinn Exercise Bikes – Three Top Options

Schwinn exercise bikes offer several options in basic designs. The three most popular types will work well for most riders.

Schwinn Airdyne – Faster Results With Less Time

Schwinn Airdyne design encourages fat loss. It only works though if somebody gets in the saddle and pedals away. Here are reasons to use an Airdyne instead of one of the many alternative exercise machines.

Best Value Home Gym Alternatives

Home Gyms have been popular amongst fitness enthusiasts for some time now. 2009 actually saw the biggest rise in home gym sales on record. But are there alternatives? We think so…

Key Information on Sports Fitness Equipment

Various equipment is available, especially for sports activities. As there are a number of sports, there are as many different kinds of fitness equipments that are meant for sports. Select the one that is right for you and because there are so many different fitness machines, it becomes quite confusing for a person to choose the right one. Go by the following rules and you can certainly avoid trouble while buying right equipment for sports.

Comparing the Benefits of Treadmills Vs Elliptical Trainers

While it is great that a lot of people are turning a new leaf and choosing health, it is imperative to know the right kind of diet and exercise plan for you. As unique as individual personalities are, exercise and diet regimens also need to suit particular body types and health requirements. The same goes for choosing the right exercise machine for your fitness needs.

Exercise Bicycles – 5 Reasons They Won’t Work

Exercise bicycles continue to remain popular while fad machines come and go. Some bikes work better than others and here are 5 problems that cause lack of progress when you buy a bike.

Finding the Right Resistance and Exercise Bands

In recent years there has been an explosion in the number of companies producing resistance and exercise bands. So with so many out there, how do you choose the resistance band that’s best suited to your fitness regime?

Exercise Bike Fitness – Burning Calories

Exercise bike fitness results from time on the saddle. Burning fat and losing weight is more complex than just burning up calories though.

Ripped Abs Reviews – The Iron Gym For Fat Loss and Muscle Building at Home

Are you constantly searching for time to try to make it to the gym but keep putting it off? There is no need to invest in a gym membership if you don’t want to when you can get a simple piece of home gym equipment called the Iron Gym. I’ve spent a lot of time doing ripped abs reviews and trying things out on myself before I recommend them to clients.