Portable Exercise Equipment

Most portable exercise equipment that you can take with you on the road includes something so simple that is it often overlooked: a jump rope. Jump ropes, especially the weighted kind, are perfect for travel and provide you with an overall body workout…

A Guide For Buying a Ski Machine – Part 2

Up to now we have been discussing dependent ski machines however there is a second option, they are called independent skiing machines and although harder to use, they will reward you with a far greater cardio workout. In truth there’s no reason why any individual with average coordination abilities couldn’t master an independent skiing machine. Give the choice it’s recommended that you always go for one with an independent action.

A Guide For Buying a Ski Machine – Part 1

If you are into your skiing in a serious way or just want to improve your skiing level then consider investing in a side to side ski machine. While these machines will give you some health benefits in terms of burning calories and an aerobic workout their main advantage will be to increase your skiing ability right in the comfort of your own home.

Will Ab Belts Give Me a Flat Stomach?

In my time as a fitness professional, I’ve gotten a lot of questions related to these abs belts that you’ll see on the TV. The ones where you place it around your stomach and it forces the abs to contract. Clients want to know if these devices will give them a flat stomach.

A Guide to Ski Machines – Part 3

In this series of articles we’re looking at ski exercise machines – how they work and the benefits you can gain from using them. They’ll make a great addition to your home fitness gym and with a little practice you’ll find them highly enjoyable to use.

A Guide to Ski Machines – Part 2

How ski machines are built is actually quite simple. Obviously they are using the action of skiing but there are no skis attached. Two boards which replicate the skis are used and they move forwards and backwards on rollers. It’s at this point that we come to a crossroad in ski machine design. One type called dependent skiing machines will have both boards linked together, this means that when you push one ski board forward the other is automatically pushed back.

A Guide to Ski Machines – Part 1

When it comes to ski machines you have 2 basic types. One will duplicate the type of workout you’d get while engaging in cross country skiing while the other will replicate down hill skiing with a side to side motion. In this article series we’ll take a closer look at ski machines which up to now have not broken through into the mainstream fitness arena.

Choosing the Right Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate monitors are becoming ever more complex and versatile. Here is a basic guide to the main types.

Used Gym Equipment Review

In today’s difficult economy everyone is looking for ways to save money and buying used gym equipment is definitely an option. Buying used gym equipment gives you the ability to buy first grade quality commercial fitness equipment at almost half the price of brand new.

Ab Circle Fitness – How to Get Fit With the Ab Circle Pro

An Ab Circle fitness regime manages to defy the long standing traditional stereotypes typically associated with and attributed to exercise machines: that they are clumsy items, that require a significant degree of exertion and effort on the behalf of the consumer and furthermore, that they are not good value for money. The Ab Circle exercise machine has been carefully developed in order to maximise the full workout potential of the person who decides to use it.

Polar Rs800 Heart Monitor Watch – What Does it Offer?

The Polar Rs800 heart monitor watch is one of the best on the market right now if you are looking for advanced features. Professional and elite trainers are flocking to this heart monitor watch, since it offers many options for monitoring and planning training sessions which are not offered through other watches. Here is a short article on it.

Elliptical Machine Vs Treadmill – Which One?

The elliptical machine. The treadmill. Which one do you prefer? This debate probably got started around 5 years ago, when the first elliptical machine was invented. Some people like the treadmill, some people like the elliptical. There are advantages and disadvantages to both machines so it seems like the decision is entirely up to you. Read on to find out more…

Before You Try That Balance Training Equipment

More and more people are starting to train their balance as they get older because they realize it can help them reduce their risk of falling. But before you jump on that new piece of equipment at your health club, make sure you know what it does and how difficult it will be. Learn in this article about some of the more common balance training devices.