Inversion Table Experiences – Using Inversion to Help You Get Fit

This article discusses the author’s personal experiences using inversion tables. In particular, inversion is a great way to increase your fitness level, so here are a few tips that should point you in the right direction and help you get the most out of your inversion experience.

End Your Belly Woes With The Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle Pro provides an ingenious and fun way to not only work out your abs, but your entire core. It’s garnered a lot of attention from their infomercials, but behind all the claims and the hype, it truly is an effective piece of equipment.

Body Fat Calipers – Measuring Your Fitness Progress

Body fat calipers are used to measure the thickness of a fold of your skin to be able to calculate how much underlying fat your skin has. This measurement, though, should not be your basis to predict your body fat percentage, but should be used to help you monitor the changes in your body composition while you are undergoing a fitness program. This helps emphasize the importance of not just having a trimmed appearance, but overall physical wellness.

What Are The Benefits of Elliptical Machines?

Elliptical machine offers energetic, vigorous, strong but low effect cardiovascular workout. The equipment is more prominent as a blend of workout bicycle and treadmill. It aids the trainer to work out without any kind of pain on the joints and feet. Nearly all elliptical exercise machine posses weight training components too for toning body muscles.

Upright Exercise Bike – A Great Tool To Tone Your Body

In order to stay in perfect shape it is highly essential for you to exercise on a daily basis. You can follow a fitness regime that should include all the exercises to tone up your body. You will see that cycling is the best exercise for your body. It is a part of the cardio exercises and you can follow it on a regular basis. IF you want you can also purchase the upright exercise bikes that would help you in exercising comfortably at home.

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym Review

Due to home gyms, the fitness industry has been transformed. No longer does one have to use heavy weights to build stronger core muscles. The Power Rod technology in the Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym gives you a constant level of resistance throughout each motion, strengthening your muscles effectively so you see the results faster.

5 Reasons Why You Must Step Up Your Daily Physical Activities for a Healthful Lifestyle

All of us would like to live a healthy life, being disease-free and able to enjoy all the good things in life. Well, it is really up to us to decide the kind of lifestyle we want to live. There has been a lot of recommendations to help us achieve good health by the relevant authorities. Most of these recommendations have stressed the importance of including daily physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Common Questions About Sciatica

Sciatica is a very common set of symptoms that has affected many people than you could ever imagine. There are always over-the-counter treatments that could alleviate the pain and stop sciatic neuritis from developing.

Causes of Neck Pain

Tolerable neck pain often does not require you to go and visit your doctor and many patients often deal with the pain on their own, taking to self-medication. Remember that self-medication can be quite risky and can cause side effects that could lead to an even worse situation.

Kettle Weights – The Only Workout Equipment That a Stay at Home Mom Needs

Are you a stay at home mom who doesn’t have the time or money to get the body you’ve always dreamed of?. Let’s discuss why one piece of equipment, the 35lb kettlebell, can help you achieve your fitness goals for a portion of the cost and a portion of the time of traditional workouts.

Polar RS800CX Run Heart Rate Monitor Watch With S3 Stride Sensor WIND

Amongst Polar’s rather prolific repertoire of monitors, the Polar RS800CX heart rate monitor watch offers a complete system for planning, monitoring, and analyzing every part of your exercise routine. The RS800CX is employs a myriad of valuable features, including a built-in altimeter, a wireless WearLink W.I.N.D. heart rate transmitter with a washable chest strap, a number proprietary Polar functions that help refine daily regiments.

Suunto T6c Triathlon Pack: Heart Rate Monitor Bundle With Everything?

The Sunnto T6c Triathlon Heart Rate Monitor bundle includes a host of products all designed to complement one another as they overlap providing comprehensive array of valuable biometric, GPS and virtually everything in between. You’ll capture such data as: accurate speed, distances measurements and cadence while cycling, and altimeter for running and cycling up and down hills or multi-endurance sports like triathlons.

Suunto T6c Heart Rate Monitor and Foot POD

The Suunto T6c Heart Rate Monitor and Wristop Computer with motion-activated Foot POD combo now offers more features second only the Triathlon Pack Suunto distributes. To be sure it’s a professional athlete or die-hard fitness lover’s best friend. It’s ranked as one of the best heart rate monitors in many reviews.