5 Reasons to Use a Treadmill

There are so many reasons why you should be using a treadmill. In this article I will cover 5 of the greatest reasons to use a treadmill.

Why Use a Treadmill?

So you want to start using a treadmill but you’re not convinced it’s worth all the effort? There are three main reasons you should use a treadmill; health, motivation and weight.

Thinking of Buying a Treadmill?

Treadmills are great pieces of fitness equipment that provide a safe and controlled environment in which to keep fit. Many treadmills these days can easily fold away when not being used and their prices are quite reasonable.

What Treadmills Mats Do

Treadmill mats are useful for many reasons and are one of the most financially sound investments for any treadmill owner. The cost of a mat for treadmills is not expensive but is determined by the size, thickness, and material. Quality does matter but even the cheapest mat is better than nothing.

Ab Crunch Machine and Workouts

It’s a dream that has been enlisted on most people’s wish list: a chiseled set of 6 pack abs and a beautifully contoured body. Most probably, everyone, at some point, wished they had the body of a Calvin Klein model.

Schwinn 418 Elliptical Vs Sole E35 Elliptical

When looking at many different consumer guide sites, the Schwinn 418 Elliptical has gotten many reviews that are flattering and complimentary. Truthfully I am almost always a fan of the mid level Schwinn fitness equipment-especially the exercise bikes. But then there is the Schwinn 418 elliptical trainer – and even if it does look good on the surface – I just don’t like it.

How to Set Up a Home Gym

There are many reasons to work out at home. It’s convenient, you can work out in private, you don’t have to pay gym membership fees, you don’t have to worry about being bothered by other gym goers, you can get into shape without feeling judged, you can work out any time you like, listen out loud to your own music, and have access to your own kitchen or shower immediately after.

How to Protect Yourself From Fitness Product Result Hijacking

To put it short, result hijacking is when a product claims that the results you receive from another activity are it’s own. A classic example is when a weight loss pill recommends you also take up a healthy diet and exercise.

Lifecore Rowing Machines Review

When you expect good sales, it is about placing in right strategies and the right implementation aimed to a goal. But when you expect a good name with that great financial soar as you would Lifecore Fitness, it is about being consistent to the quality performance they are known for upon their entry in the industry.

Exercise Ball Workout Benefits

We’ve all heard or read somewhere about the importance of exercise for better health. We’ve all seen commercials, ads, or infomercial shows about the latest and greatest piece of exercise equipment or gadget promising those remarkable results.

Ab Rocket Exerciser Review

The ab rocket abdominal trainer is one of those as seen on TV fitness products that’s been around awhile but I waited awhile to try it. I mean how many of these things can I take and better yet, how many can we all take. There’s no way all of these ab machines are gonna give us six pack abs and turn us into beautiful people.

What is a Treadmill?

A treadmill is an electronic fitness equipment that simulates running. Often used by athletes to train for marathons, to help hospital patients with walking difficulties and for anyone wanting to keep fit.

Schwinn Rowing Machines Review

As it comes, all great things have its demerits. Somehow there is always a but to something great. It is either, this model is great, but it is not aesthetically pleasing, or as Schwinn rowing machines are, the equipment is great, but the price isn’t quite.