Where to Buy a Sportek EE220 Elliptical Trainer

With all of the elliptical machines growing high in demand from the consumers, there are even more places where you can find these fitness products. There are many stores out there, whether off or online, and they can provide many types of advantage and disadvantages, depending on the store.

Concept 2 Home Fitness Equipment

About a 12 months ago, I was torn between a decision to either keep getting ripped off by my $60 a month gym membership or get home gym equipment and start working out at home. At first I didn’t know which path I wanted to choose but I felt that I’d spent so much money on the gym that I could have bough a suit of exercise machines for that cost!

Indoor Home Fitness Equipment

I became interested in indoor home fitness equipment like rowers, treadmills and exercise bikes about the time I lose my patience with my local gym. I was just so fed up with having to pay the monthly costs and it was just eating away at my workout budget.

Home Fitness Machines

I purchased a Concept 2 rowing fitness machine over a year ago now and am really happy with my decision. I became interested in buying my own home exercise equipment when I got annoyed of having to pay $60 every month just to use the gym.

Using an Exercise Ball to Work Out Your Abs

Think you need fancy exercise equipment to work those ab muscles, to get that “sixpack” you’ve always wanted? Not so. In fact, simply spend your money on an exercise ball!

Gain Muscles With an Olympic Weight Set

Lets face it – everyone want to have a beautiful body, but not everyone has one. Thanks god nowadays they have been found many methods that work to get a nice looking body, and working out with Olympic weight set is one of them.

Should You Buy Kettlebells?

Most of us don’t even know what kettlebells are. Kettlebells resemble a little bit of cannonballs with handles, they are a piece of exercising equipment invented in Russia.

How to Choose the Best Rowing Machine Exercise

There are quite a few rowing machine exercises you can perform in your rowing machine workout. Use the one that is best suited to your needs.

The Concept 2 Rowing Machine

The Concept 2 Rowing Machine was devised in order to give people the opportunity to practice their rowing during the winter months. Find out more about the concept 2 machines in this article.

Rowing Machines Advantages – Why Choose it Over Other Equipment?

You most likely heard of rowing machines. They enable you to have an indoor rowing workout instead of needing a real river. Read on to find out more about their advantages.

Your Top 3 Cardio Exercise Equipments

This article discusses the top 3 most effective cardio exercise equipment of today. Find out how you can use them more effectively so you can burn more calories in less time.

Ab Circle Pro Reviews – Does the Ab Circle Really Work?

There has been so much hype about the Ab Circle Pro I thought I would write my own review on this exercise machine. It claims to work our your abdominal muscles and obliques while still getting your heart rate up and burning calories. So what are some of the highlights of this ab work out machine.

Heart Monitor Watches – Here’s How to Choose the Right One

A lot of people who work at getting and staying fit have found out that heart rate monitors are a useful tool. If you have made the decision that using a heart monitor watch will help make your workouts even better, then your next step is finding the right one. Since there are hundreds of heart monitor watches available, here are a few tips on choosing the right one.