Five Limitations That Treadmills Have

Did you ever think about getting a treadmill for Christmas? Think again, this article shows you why treadmills might not be what you want for your Christmas break.

Walking Fitness – Choosing the Right Equipment

If you are using walking as a form of exercise, then selecting the right equipment will make the activity more enjoyable. To be honest, most of it revolves around common sense and being prepared for the walk ahead.

Best Ab Machine – How Do I Get the Best Ab Workout?

For many people, a six-pack abs is the most admirable thing you ever did see on the body of a man or a woman. Find out how you can get your own six-pack…

Why Buy Parkside Trampoline?

Research shows that it is estimated more than 250, 000 Americans die every year from inactivity-related conditions and seventeen different health condition problems can be triggered from inactivity. We all know how inactivity can cause us our health, but most of us still tend to take these facts for granted.

The Sole F80 Treadmill – Fitness Equipment You Can Trust

The Sole F80 Treadmill is a folding type treadmill with a low price and advanced features. There is an impressive life time warranty motor, frame and deck.

The Nautilus E514 Elliptical Trainer – Low Budget, Yet a Super Trainer

The Nautilus E514 Elliptical Trainer is moderately priced elliptical machine with several advanced features. The compact treadmill has comfortable foot pedals and stylish console.

Picking Your Weight Training Equipment

Around the gym locker or in fitness magazines you might have heard weight training equipment referred to as resistance equipment. If your lifting a weight then the weight is providing resistance against your muscles. You can think of resistance as an opposing force, like the weight, gravity, a rubber band type device; your muscles will get stronger by working against the resistance.

How to Set Up a Home Gym?

You have just taken up body building and are concerned about putting up a gym at home to enable you to do workout at your convenient time and pace. At the beginning you have to start with light training which include general fitness, increase muscle tone, increase flexibility of the body and some light weight training. If you want to put up a gym at home you have to select the equipments according to the workout that you will be doing.

Why Are My Heart Monitor and My Pedometer Giving Different Calorie Count Readings?

There are some people who complain about the different calorie count readings provided by a pedometer and heart rate monitor. Aren’t they the same fitness devices?

A Home Gym – Money Pit Or Money Tree?

Perhaps you’ve thought about building a home gym in your basement or garage, but have you carefully considered the costs and benefits? This article will help you decide how a home gym fits into your budget and your lifestyle.

Life Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer – Start a Fitness Program For the Rest of Your Life

Life Fitness is one of the foremost brands offering a wide range of exercise machines such as the elliptical trainer. We say foremost simply because their gym equipment has received more than its fair share of customer praises and industry awards, all of them proudly justified. Or are they? Read on for more…

Wonderful Weider Crossbow Advantage – A Complete Home Gym Solution

Nowadays, purchasing a gym membership may not be the best step towards fitness for many reasons. For one thing, enrollment and other gym fees can be quite hefty especially if you use the facilities only occasionally. For another thing, it can sometimes be a hassle to go to the gym when the weather is bad, when you feel bad, and when you need your privacy while sweating so badly. Read on to find out whether you should get your own home gym or not…

Rowing Machine Tips – Getting the Best Workout

There’s no denying that getting regular exercise is very important, and one of the very best types of workout is a session on a rowing machine. Rowing is a great all-body workout, raising your heart rate and giving a great calorie burning aerobic workout, while at the same time working every major muscle group.