Inversion Boots – Seeing the World in a New Perspective

Gravity boots – you may have heard about this through science fiction shows and books. And while it may seem to be not real, you can bet your socks off that they are. You probably won’t be able to test them in zero gravity, but you can certainly try them out in this planet. Gravity boots or inversion boots are nifty little devices that allow you to suspend yourself, upside down from a certain height. They look like ordinary boots, but have reinforced support on the ankle area where the weight is held.

Recumbent Exercise Bike – 5 Tips

Recumbent exercise bike features often mask problems that are not so apparent. Getting the right machine involves more than just deciding on the best type for you. Here are 5 tips for getting the right model for the way you will use a machine.

Choose the Electric Treadmill

In this multinational corporate society, many executives have long work days and keep odd hours. Therefore, it is not always possible for them to follow a strict exercise regime by jogging in the parks or taking routine morning walks. The electric treadmill is then the best alternative for all those who have no time to exercise outdoors.

Best Weight Training Equipment to Get in Shape

When we begin talking about purchasing weight training equipment for your home gym, there are many factors that need to be considered to ensure that you’re purchasing equipment that’s best suited to your fitness goals. There are two major categories of weight training equipment, free weights and machines. Most home gym junkies don’t have a huge amount of space to fill with a variety of different weight machines and benches, but that’s okay – when it comes to weight training, you really don’t need a lot of space.

Home Gym Equipment Buyer’s Guide

If you are in the market to buy a piece of fitness equipment for your home gym you had better be well informed or you could waste $1000’s. If you are looking for some home gym equipment these few tips will help you when you try to pick your way through the maze of fitness equipment and hopefully save you money. Things you should look out for include…

Ab Machine Buying Guide

Abdominal trainers are extremely popular among home gym junkies – they’re also the item of choice for television infomercials, making the purchase of a quality ab machine a very confusing experience. Well, let me try to simplify it for you. There are definitely some good quality abdominal machines on the market today for reasonable prices. The trick is to filter out the effective machines from those making false promises to make a quick buck. There are some basic things that you can look for in an ab machine that will ensure you’re buying an effective piece of equipment.

Have the Ultimate Weight Loss Experience With the Bowflex Revolution Gym

The road to weight loss can be a difficult one to traverse. Many people suppose that the only way these extra pounds can be shed is by exercising daily, with large preference for aerobics and cardio workouts, whereas others say that dieting is the way to go.

What Type of Heart Rate Monitor Watch Should You Get?

Heart rate monitors are now indispensable as we are exercising as this helps us maximize our exercise schemes. Find out which type of heart rate monitor is really the best.

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym – Who Needs it? Well, Maybe You Do

Why in the world would anybody want to put a clunky piece of machinery in their house? Read on to find out how the Bowflex PR3000 can save you time and money.

GPS Watches For Fitness and Outdoors

Many fitness enthusiasts and athletes have turned to a specialist tool that can accommodate the need to keep track of routes while exercising and have started utilizing a GPS watch for their workouts and outdoor adventures, but what are they? Why use one? and What products are available?

Developing Punching Power, Strength and Speed

Selecting a punching bag is easy. Ask yourself a couple questions. What am I practicing for? And where do I practice? If I’m practicing to improve my combinations, or to increase power, or speed then that will determine which bag I select. Where I practice is also important, because there are limitations that can restrict or allow movement.

The Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch – A Technical Revolutionist

Timex acquired the rights to use the name “Ironman” in 1986, the result was the Timex Ironman Triathlon Watch, a product that is now a major historical icon around the world. The classic features of the watch have varied little over the years, but Timex have not their number 1 sports watch for granted, in fact just the opposite. Read about the numerous technical enhancements during two decades that followed.

Smooth Fitness 9.45ST Treadmill – A Fitness Equipment With Some Unique Features

The Smooth Fitness 9.45ST Treadmill has some unique features over the other treadmill brands. It has a life time warranty on all parts.