Timex Ironman T5J985 Unisex and UniSport Rolled Into One Trail Runner Product?

Timex, best known for watches, offers an exceptionally versatile heart rate monitor that is not only cross gender but comes with a host of features not often found in this HRM class. Their Ironman product line has grown both in popularity and functionality. It offers cardiovascular, GPS and altimeter capabilities to name a few.

Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor for Women Includes A Personal Trainer

The F11 is an exercise HRM (heart rate monitor) that is one of the first of its kind to offer the means to exercise more effectively with the aid of something akin a personal trainer (Keeps U Fit) included with the unit. What’s more, the design of the watch casing is easy on the eyes.

Garmin Forerunner 405CX GPS Sport Watch With Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin’s 405CX GPS Sport Watch combines the best of two products; a heart rate monitor that also measures distance, pace and calories burned. It also provides comprehensive GPS location and can transmit this data via ANT + wireless technology to your PC when in range.

StairMaster Fitness Equipment: Health Club Quality Fitness Steppers

This article is designated to inform consumers about the premium quality of StairMaster exercise equipment. Cardiovascular training is a great way to get in shape, lose weight and build lean muscle and StairMaster steppers are great tools for cardio exercise.

Precor Fitness Equipment: Treadmills, Crosstrainers and Bikes

This article is a history of Precor fitness equipment. Consumers like to know the history of the product that they are buying and this article is an informative, unique perspective on Precor as a company and their individual pieces of exercise equipment are analyzed as well.

Elliptical Trainer Benefits You Need To Know

An elliptical trainer is stationary fitness equipment that allows you to have a complete body workout as it exercises your legs, arms, and entire body with each session. It builds endurance and strength with proper use and helps keep you in shape along with proper diet and other exercise regimens. Elliptical trainer benefits include losing excess fat by burning calories and cardiovascular exercises that keep your heart in good condition.

Home Gym Equipment – What Pieces Do I Need?

Home gym equipment can go a long way towards you reaching your fitness goals. The wide selection of multi-use apparatuses such as a Bowflex, individual pieces like dumbbells, kettle bells, bands, etc, and equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills, and Nordic Tracs, can make decision-making difficult. The answer is most likely reached by lots of research, and trying out various pieces.

A Vibration Plate Exercise Machine Is the Best Fitness Equipment I Ever Bought

My vibration plate exercise and massage machine which I bought two years ago is the best piece of fitness equipment I have ever had. My interest in these machines was piqued when I read that Madonna used one to keep in shape. We are the same age and so I started some research on the machines. In this article I list the benefits ascribed to vibration platforms and discuss my decision to move or maintain a stationary pose. There is a link to these machines on sale.

Benefits of Rowing – Keep Fit While Minimizing Risk of Hip or Knee Joint Replacement

According to medical professionals, there are about a million cases of surgeries on joint replacement each year in the United States because of high-impact sporting activities. Knee and hip replacements make up the highest number of surgeries.

The Best Rowing Machine to Choose – Types of Rowing Machines

There are four types of rowing machines for indoor use according to their resistance which are the piston resistance, air resistance, water resistance and magnetic resistance machines. Each type of these rowers has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Working Out At Home With The Bowflex Treadmill 7

The common joke is that a treadmill or exercise bike is used to hang clothes on, but in reality they are an incredibly useful piece of machinery to have at home. Find out why working out at home with your Bowflex Treadmill 7 will save you money, help you get fit and make life easier for you.

Home Gym Equipment – Is It A Good Idea To Buy It?

Let’s be honest, what is the real reason you are unable to get fit? Most people find it very difficult to lose weight and become healthier because they encounter a great many obstacles to becoming fit. It might be lack of time for one person and insufficient money for another person.

They Call It a Kettlebell – But What Is It?

There’s a new kid in town (the gym). And his name is ‘kettlebell.’ This orb with a handle has been around since 1704 & it’s making a comeback with a vengeance.