Manual Treadmills – Are They Still Useful?

In today’s world, almost everything is powered by electricity. Manual treadmills appear to have gone the way of the dinosaur. Are they still useful? Let’s take a look at how a manual treadmill works.

Strength Profiles and Resistance Profiles

Most professionals consider free weight training as constant resistance, however, if you know anything about biomechanics, there is nothing constant about it, unless of course we don’t move the weight. As we push or pull, the muscles are changing length, the relationship of the resistance to the axis of motion is changing and of course acceleration, inertia, momentum and all of those other words of physics we love (or hate) come into play.

What Makes Elliptical Machines Better Than Treadmills?

If you want a total workout, an elliptical machine will give you just that. This article explains why an elliptical machine is better than a treadmill if your looking for a great cardio exercise or to lose weight.

Treadmills For Beginners

If you are a beginner just starting an exercise regimen, a cheap treadmill would be a sound investment. Since we all know that walking is one of the best exercises a person can do, why not do it on a treadmill in the comfort of your home? And treadmills come with so many options that there is no reason you wouldn’t be able to find one that suits your needs and your budget.

How to Resurrect Your Old Treadmill and Explode Your Fitness Potential

So you bought a treadmill for your home and at first it seemed like a good idea, but it’s been a few months and a thick layer of dust on the console has collected. Don’t feel bad, many people who buy treadmills often leave them neglected like old left over Chinese food in the back of the fridge. Here are some simple tips to help you fire up your motivation and gain every bit of return on your investment in home exercise.

Exercise Balls – Low Tech Gym Equipment For Everyone

The first exercise ball was invented by a group of Swiss therapists. This now popular exercise equipment aids in toning and strengthening your body. People love them because they are soft and easy to manage during their workout routine.

Is an Ab Machine Really Worth It?

Are ab machines that you see on TV really all they’re made out to be? Find out more before you spend your money.

Heart Rate Watch Review – The Garmin 310

Garmin heart rate monitors have been one of the biggest competition threats to perennial powerhouse Polar in the heart rate monitor industry. Their latest heart monitor watch is the Garmin 310 xt. Here is a short Garmin 310xt Review article that outlines the features and functions contained on this heart rate watch plus the pros and cons.

Treadmill For Sale – Safety Tips to Buy Treadmill at a Sale

So you have decided to buy a treadmill for your own use at home and give yourself all the privacy. Having decided, you’ve got to be a bit watchful when buying from places which are running treadmill for sale campaigns.

The Best Electronic Stethoscope For You

Stethoscopes have been used for generations to identify various ailments and body disorders. With time, stethoscopes have undergone a great deal of innovation to provide more features, convenience, and ease of operation.

How to Clean and Maintain a Heart Rate Monitor

Everyone is familiar with a heart rate monitor. If you don’t, then try to go outside and see what most exercisers are wearing on their arms or on their chests. They might look ordinary, but these simple, yet extremely useful gadgets are effective in monitoring an exerciser’s heart rates.

Fitness Rowing Machines, Do They Work?

There is no doubt that in general we are becoming far more aware of health and fitness related issues and when it comes to fitness there are so many choices for exercise equipment. Rowing machines are becoming more and more popular mainly due to the decreasing price but are they effective?

Body Solid Home Gym

Body Solid home gym permits lots of type of features, and you can find the right product at your affordable price. Also you ought to find that Body Solid home gyms are easily to assemble, for the instructions are uncomplicated and have no problem. You can get home gyms workout with multiple diverse opportunities which Body Solid house gym offered. Definitely you can find recommend product in any rates ranges. There are particular popular Body Solid home gyms you can choose: G3S …

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