Treadmill Ratings – What to Look For When Buying a Treadmill

If you were to ask people to put together a list consisting of the most effective cardio exercise equipment it would be no surprise that most people would place treadmills at the top of that list. Treadmills are undeniably one of the staple machines used for cardio workouts. They offer tremendous benefits that range anywhere from running on a cushioned surface, reducing the impact on the ankles and knees, to changing up the workout through a variety of different exercise programs to choose from.

Digital Pocket Pedometers – Are You Serious About Your Health?

Are you serious about you health ? Experts recommend that you should maintain approx 10,000 steps in total per day. A Digital Pocket Pedometer is a fantastic incentive to reach your goals. The Omron HJ-112 is the best selling Pedometer with a long list of features.

How to Choose an Adjustable Dumbbell Set That Will Help You Get Fit

One of my favorite pieces of equipment for a home gym is an adjustable dumbbell set. The reason is simple. If you combine a weight bench with an set of adjustable dumbbells then you can do just about any weight lifting exercise that you can do in a gym, but with only a tiny amount of space used.

Building a Home Workout Gym For a Small Space

I have a reasonably decent size house, but there are a lot of people who live in it, so when it came to putting together a home workout gym I had a very small space to work with. So an elliptical machine or treadmill was out of the question. Here is what I did to get a kick butt gym that fit in my little space.

Home Fitness Exercise Equipment – Should You Buy a Set of Dumbbells?

There is a lot of home fitness exercise equipment available to choose from when developing your home gym. Unfortunately, cost and size of exercise equipment can restrict your fitness needs. Dumbbells are the most versatile piece of equipment for home gyms…

Trampolines Are a Brilliant Way to Stay in Shape and They’re Widely Available Online

Trampolines are a very popular purchase for people who want to keep fit at home without the need to pay for a gym membership or fitness classes. Many people buy trampolines as well as ab rollers and exercise balls in order to stay in shape without having to leave their home.

Commercial Exercise Equipment – Little Known Facts to Save You Money

The commercial exercise equipment industry is booming but there is a segment you may not even know exists and that is the used commercial exercise industry. Many people are up at night watching late night infomercials for this treadmill or that home gym etc but what they don’t realize is…

Chinning Bar Secrets – Discover the Powerful Muscle Building Potential of Chinning Bars

Using your body as the resistance to help you develop upper body strength, a chinning bar is truly a simple and effective solution. Its strength lies in its simplicity. You can use it for a period of fifteen minutes regular and get a well toned and firm body…

Save Big Money by Buying Commercial Fitness Equipment – Secrets You Need to Know

Commercial fitness equipment is a great alternative to buying a home equipment gym because the fitness equipment manufactures know many of you won’t use the equipment. In this article I am going to share the secret that this industry hopes you never find out and that is

How to Care For Your New Balance Shoes

Always keep your New Balance shoes in a cool place when you are not using them. Avoid leaving them in a hot environment, under direct exposure to sunlight or in the boot of your car for too long.

Olympic Weights and Weight Benches – The Real “Secrets” of Fitness

Isn’t it amazing how many “new” secrets there are to getting fit these days? It seems that every fitness “expert” out there has exclusive access to the one missing piece of the puzzle, the ultimate answer, to your and everyone else’s physical fitness woes. Most recently I’ve seen it with kettle bells.

How to Use the Ab Lounge XL

The Ab Lounge XL provides assistance in performing one of the most challenging abdominal exercises; the jackknife. The jackknife involves simultaneous flexion of both the upper and lower torso. There are a number of factors that influence one’s ability to perform this exercise. These include:

Get a Full Body Workout With a Squat Rack

Make a squat rack part of your home gym as it can not only help you to remain fit but can also help you to build strong muscles. Since it is just a onetime investment you can be sure that you can reap maximum benefits of this equipment. Many people find it difficult to purchase the correct type of rack as there are many varieties found on the market.

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