ESpirit EL3 Elliptical Trainer – An Elliptical Fitness Equipment With Affordable Price

ESpirit EL3 Elliptical Trainer from Spirit is an affordable and superior elliptical trainer. With 16 resistance levels and life time warranty on frame and break this machine has become a fast moving fitness equipment recently.

Smooth Exercise Bikes Review

With over 25 years of experience, Smooth Fitness has mastered the art of making high quality and ergonomically designed fitness equipment. What made Smooth Fitness the leading name in this business is its commitment in proving its consumers not only with top notch products, but great customer service as well.

Tunturi Exercise Bike Reviews

Cycling is one of the most popular and useful workout regimens that a person can do, especially if he wants to lose weight and keep fit. This is also a good way to build resistance when training for an athletic meet or competition, since it is less stressful to the person’s joints and muscles. Because of this, sales of exercise bikes have been on the rise. There are a lot of fitness equipment companies that are out there, Tunturi is one of them.

Schwinn Exercise Bikes Review

Embracing childhood for more than one hundred years, Schwinn Bicycles has been leading the manufacturing business of bicycles and bicycle accessories tracing back to the beginning of the biking craze in the 1890s. It became the most recognized name in the U.S. industry and the company found it a breeze to maintain at least 25 percent market share for decades.

Ultimate Guide to Types of Exercise Bike

Stationary bicycles are the third most popular type of home gym equipment sold today (the two most popular are, of course, the treadmill and the elliptical trainer). People are drawn to stationary bicycles for a variety of reasons to include the fact that you’re getting a pretty good workout while you’re sitting down! Some people like to read while their doing their cardiovascular training and a stationary bicycle lends itself nicely to this.

Precor Exercise Bikes Review

Anyone serious about getting and staying in shape will benefit greatly from buying the quality that only Precor can offer. Precor exercise bikes are to the utmost performance, durability, and function.

Endurance Exercise Bike Review

So you are a serious instructor, that or an enthusiast, wanting to get that good workout. With the term good, of course, it is defined relatively by users as either serious sweating, or that good cardio, or comfortable exercising, among other things.

Horizon Exercise Bikes Review

Horizon Exercise Bikes are set on playing strong within their market. They proudly boast that the machines they bring out to the market are of commercial quality, hence you can count on its durability. And indeed this claim is quite to the target.

Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Before you buy an exercise bike you must do your homework. You could save yourself $100s and heaps of time by knowing what to look for before you start. This guide aims to give you that knowledge to make your buying decision easier. There are two main types of resistance found in all types of stationary bikes, belt tension and magnetic resistance.

Weslo 745 Elliptical Trainer Review

The Weslo 745 Elliptical Trainer is nothing to write home about, that’s for sure. But what else would you expect from an elliptical that costs less than three hundred dollars? Not much-but in truth, it is about as good as it is going to get on that small of a budget.

Epic E950 Elliptical Review

One touch features are sweet, and I like them a lot. That said, Epic has included the one touch magnetic resistance and one touch power incline as a couple of their unique goodies.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Review – An Amazon Best Seller

Suburban users have deemed the Schwinn 430 as one of their most preferred and trendy elliptical-the greater majority of those who have bought one have been pleased with their purchase. On, it is the #1 selling elliptical, and every wonderful can be heard about it-nothing bad

Life Fitness Club Elliptical Review

When looking for an elliptical to buy, and taking cost as well as professed value into consideration, there are 2 brands that stand out in particular. Looking at Life Fitness, one seems to understand that there is apparent quality, and style that some other machines just don’t have-possibly due to price, or just lack of design.