Timex Heart Rate Monitor – T5G971 Fitness Heart Rate Watch Review

The Timex T5G971 Fitness Heart Rate Monitor is the next generation of heart monitors. It is a Timex Heart Rate Monitor that will ensure you do not go through your workouts and training without any progress. It will help you achieve maximum performance and results whether you swim, run or cycle.

Exercise Equipment For Small Spaces

We all tend to think that exercise equipment is hard to fit in a small space; maybe we are all looking for excuses to avoid exercising, or we all tend to think that indeed, the equipment available today is way too bulky and space consuming. If you are one of those space challenged people, you need to know that exercise equipment for small spaces does exist, in all sizes, shapes and prices.

Exercise Equipment and Small Spaces

Exercises should form an integral part of our daily routine if we are to stay fit and healthy. Apart from helping us stay fit, exercises also help us in building and toning our muscles and burning fats. Because of the importance of exercise, it has become expedient that we should have certain exercise and fitness equipments in our home.

Kettler Coach LS Rowing Machine – Advantages and Disadvantages

The Kettler Coach is a magnetic rowing machine manufactured by the German firm of Heinz Kettler. It is their top of the line rowing machine and was designed specifically for athletes.

Latest Technique to Lose Weight – Use Vibration Plates

The newest fitness gizmo to hit the markets is the Vibration Plate. It has been a craze with a lot of celebrities and its effectiveness is making many gyms and body trainers adopt this gizmo to be offered to their clients as additional equipment for workouts. Vibration plates have an advantage over traditional workouts by providing quicker results through a combination of isometric exercises brought about by muscle contractions.

How Do Vibration Plates Work and What Are the Advantages?

A new technique to develop muscle and enhance the strength of the bones is in vogue and uses vibration plates in an innovative way to achieve this. So, how does it operate?

Ab Circle Workout Machine Review

Overall, the Ab Circle Pro is an excellent machine to help individuals lose weight faster while building up those six packs in the abdominal area. This tagline, however, needs to be qualified first, and this Ab Circle Pro review aims to do just that in order to list down exactly what this product has to offer.

Why Buying Remanufactured Commercial Fitness Equipment is the Right Choice – Quality and Efficiency!

YOU are tired of going to the gym and have decided you want to buy some exercise equipment for your home. So you now have to figure out whether or not you want home gym equipment or commercial gym equipment (the same stuff you would find at your health club).

Working Out at Home With Exercise Bikes and Elliptical Trainers

More and more people are interested in getting fit and as the market for fitness equipment grows so does the array of choices consumers have for exercise equipment. There are all sorts of gadgets and machines designed to give users a workout and while many people successfully get fit and loose weight with at home exercise equipment others have a hard time finding the best equipment to meet their fitness needs.

What the Heck is a Kettlebell?

Russian Kettlebell weights have been increasing in popularity in the US. But, what is a kettlebell and how does it work? Get the basics before you hurt yourself!

How to Find Used Treadmills For Sale

Buying a used treadmill is a bigger expense. New treadmills for home use which are motorized cost from $750 to $5,000. In general, the pricier ones are better. Often, you can find used treadmills for sale at a huge discount which provides better value treadmill for the money you pay. The new motorized treadmills under $1,000 are less sturdy and are underpowered and provide fewer options to adjust the incline, programmed workouts.

Sportline 344 Safety Alarm Pedometer Watch

A review of the Sportsline 344 Safety Alarm pedometer. These pedometers and pedometer watches are great for those runners who like to run outside when there isn’t a lot of light. Audible step counts and safety alarm features.

Removable Dance Poles Are Better Than a Home Gym!

In this day and age, everybody is trying to get into better shape and improve their health and fitness. In their quest for a better figure, many people, especially those who prefer not to trek back and forth to the gym all the time, are looking for a home workout that will keep them interested, motivated, and give them a challenging workout.

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