The Weights Set Advantage

One way to get healthy is to purchase a weights set for yourself. This will enable you to lift weights at home and get a well-built body for yourself as well as your family members. You can exercise and workout all from the comforts of your own home.

Top Benefits of Using Rubber Gym Mats

Rubber gym mats are a great way to add style and comfort to a gym area. They also have very useful purposes as providing safety and comfort to an exercise area. They also protect the floor and the users of the gym as well as they protect the equipment from themselves by keeping them in place regardless of the vibrations that they exude. There are different types of mats…

Burn Fat With the Gymboss Interval Timer

I just got my new Gymboss Interval Timer in the post last week and I can’t recommend this nifty little product highly enough. It’s essentially a small, clip on interval timer that controls your work and rest periods when you want to adhere to a strict timescale in your workout. I have used it mainly for Tabata training so far and it’s great being able to work hard and listen for the beeps without having to check my watch. This training protocol will burn fat like nothing else.

What is the Purpose of Heart Rate Monitors and Why Would One Use Cardio Heart Monitors?

What is the purpose of heart rate monitors many people ask? Well, there isn’t just one answer, but a whole lot of reasons as to why this device can be useful.

Are You a Sports Person? Be Fit With Sports Fitness Watches

Sports fitness watches are suited better for persons who indulge in sports activities. These watches are fabricated with tough materials like leather, tough rubber, hard plastic, titanium etc. It is designed for men and women separately.

Life Fitness X5 Elliptical Trainer – How to Get More From Your Home Gym

Most people find Life Fitness X5 elliptical trainer the perfect way to get fit at home and having purchased their trainer they set about using it without actually making a decision about what it is that they are trying to achieve. The evidence shows that you need to set a goal to really achieve anything so are you…

What to Look Forward to From an Abs Machine

There is certainly plenty of ads claiming to have the finest abs machine in the marketplace today. So what is the truth and what is the hard sell?

4 Types of Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are appreciated by fitness buffs and casual exercisers alike. They provide a popular alternative to cycling, jogging, running, walking, and other outdoor exercises.

Functional Training and Weight Machine Training

It is important that we use functional training and weight machine training to achieve fitness results. The question remains which is better and why. I discuss the benefits of each and when each is appropriate.

ProForm Quickstart 5.0 Treadmill Review

Unlike most consumer goods, treadmills are complicated products to purchase. With quite a few brands of treadmills out there and retailers only keen on highlighting the positive points about treadmills, ensuring that the right machine is purchased can be almost impossible.

The Tacx Fortius Virtual Reality Trainer – An Enjoyable and Efficient Home Fitness System

The Tacx Fortius Virtual Reality Trainer is an interactive trainer that allows you to train at home to become an expert biker. You are able to build up your speed and endurance without even leaving your house. The powerful motor powered brake system provides you resistance as though you were actually on the open road with hills and other types of terrain.

Compare the Home Gym – What Kind of Home Fitness Gym Do You Want?

What kind of home fitness gym do you want? Are you aware there are 3 kinds of home gyms you can get? Compare them and see what you want.

The Best Home Gym Exercise Equipment

If you’re interested in working out in the comfort of your basement, getting some home gyms exercise equipment is a very wise move. Many people really love the convenience that this offers them as then they can get their workout in at any point during the day and don’t have to worry about the extra time spent running back and for the between the gym.