Fitball Seating Disc Balance Cushion Review

The Fitball Seating Disc Balance Cushion promises to give you strong abs while sitting down and doing your desk job. Is it for real?

York Rowing Machines – Which Model is Right For You?

The York Rowing Machine is a fitness and exercise machine that is known for its compact design and its smooth motion. If you are a beginner looking for great starting rowing equipment, or you are an experienced rower looking for optimum workout, you should definitely take a look at this brand. York has many models that will suit everyone experience.

Pros and Cons of the Schwinn 231 Recumbent Exercise Bike

If there’s a classic exercise machine, it’s probably the exercise bicycle. The exercise bike is easy to use and works year around to help you control your weight and stay fit. Here’s the trick though, you have to actually ride your bike for it to help you. The Schwinn 231 Recumbent Exercise Bike can help you do just that. It’s popular, but it’s not perfect. Here are some pros and cons.

Rowing Machines – A Review of Some Popular Brands on the Market

If you are considering purchasing a rowing machine, it would be a wise decision to read rowing machine reviews. Consumers’ reviews on rowers will give you honest and personal opinions. If your budget is tight, you may want to consider purchasing a used rowing machine. A second hand rower can save you a lot of money. If you are concerned about the condition the machine, ask the owner if you can test it out before you purchase it. Yard sales can be a great place to find an inexpensive rowing machine.

Used Exercise Equipment – Treadmills – 3 Secret Buying Tips You Need to Know

Looking to buy a treadmill? Have you ever considered a commercially used reconditioned treadmill? Here are 3 secrets tips you need to know before you buy your next treadmill.

Why Ab Machines Do Nothing For Your Six Pack Stomach

Millions of dollars are spent on gimmick ab machines every month by people expecting to get a six pack stomach in return for some easy exercises. These companies are making a fortune selling machines that don’t even do the job they are intended for.

Modern Blood Bank Equipment

Blood bank equipment as the name suggests is the apparatus used in blood banks and hospitals. It is a kind of medical or laboratory equipment. The blood bank equipment is used by various blood banks, hospitals, research centers, and clinical laboratories around the world, for the collection and processing of blood, especially human blood. Learn more about the modern blood bank equipments through this article.

Review on the F11 Polar Heart Monitor

Polar is a brand that is associated with fitness and exercise. The Polar Company has over the years become a market leader in this field and more particularly, in the field of heart rate monitors. Polar heart rate monitors have set the pace for other competitors to follow

Swing Kettlebells For Core Strength

Kettlebells are one of the greatest, if not THE greatest tools for developing core and overall body strength. If you heard the word kettlebell and said “what is a kettlebell?” Then listen up.

Kettler Coach LS Rowing Machine Review

The Kettler Coach LS rowing machine is a German crafted and engineered magnetic rower. It is known for providing a smooth quiet exercise experience and offering a realistic simulation of rowing a boat over the water. It addition to being able to row, this Kettler machine also provides the user with the ability to perform 16 other exercises.

How to Pick the Right Size Kettlebell For Your Workout

What size kettlebell should I use? If I had my druthers, I would recommend that everyone who uses kettlebells purchase three of them right out of the gate – a pair of smaller kettlebells and one large kettlebell that might be a little too heavy at the moment of purchase.

Exercise Bike Equipment – You Don’t Need to Buy Expensive to Stay in Shape

Have you seen those exercise bikes that sell for thousands of dollars at local department stores? Chances are you have even pedaled some display models and found them quite impressive. The problem is the sticker shock that often sets in while shopping for home exercise bike equipment. The good news is that you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to get a great workout right in your own home. There are exercise bikes on the market that almost anyone can afford.

Exercise Bike Parts – Buying Online is Convenient, Safe and Can Saves You Money

Why should you purchase exercise bike parts online instead of simply walking into a local department or health store and buying them there? The simple answer is because most department stores do not have a large selection of bike parts for sell off the shelf. Chances are higher that you will be convinced to allow them to order the parts and fix the bike at a much higher price. Spare yourself the hassle and the extra expense by finding the parts on your own.

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