Fitness Ball Exercises – 3 Exercises to Get You Started

Fitness ball exercises are done with a fitness ball. These balls are rather large and can be hard to use for the novice. They are an excellent way to tone abs and to increase balance. Fitness ball exercises are excellent for low impact training and are very forgiving on the joints.

Ab Circle Pro Revealed

Ab Circle Pro, does it live up to the ab exercise fitness hype? Hype or fact, this much talked about exercise equipment is revealed, read what our findings are. Do not buy an Ab Circle Pro fitness machine before reading our findings.

Exercise Ball Chairs – What is This Strange Looking Chair?

A Exercise Ball Chair is ergonomically designed by physicians to provide support to the lower back. These new chairs have replaced many a desk chair. The act of active sitting improves posture and strengthens lower back muscles. The ball can be removed from the exercise ball chair to use for exercising.

Elliptical Trainer – A Buyer’s Guide

Sure, you’ve heard that an elliptical trainer does wonders for losing weight and you would like to get one. Don’t head off to the mall just yet because you might be spending a few hundred dollars on the wrong model.

Bowflex Fitness Equipment – The Honest Truth

Bowflex says you don’t have to go to the gym to get the body you desire. Why use inefficient gym equipment when you can have one at home? Bowflex offers a variety of fitness products, from tread climbers to weights. These products promise to give you the power to lose weight and, in general, to be fit – right at your home!

Benefits of a Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you like to work out and are looking for a new way to exercise, then you should think about getting a recumbent exercise bike. They work well for any age and any fitness level.

Timex Running Watch – The Ultimate Choice For Runners

Are you a fitness conscious person who loves working out by running, kayaking, skiing, or cycling? Timex running watch is just right for you. Every individual has his or her unique style. Similarly, every running watch is unique in its own way.

Best Elliptical Trainer – Let’s Define it Before Paying For It

The best elliptical trainer is not something that gathers dust in a corner of your home, instead it is a piece of equipment which is enticing to use and is “real” in terms of burning your belly fat and improving cardiovascular health. The best elliptical trainer is also the one that stops as soon as you stop moving, a critical issue from safety point of view.

Pro Fit Iron Gym (Not All As “Seen on TV” Stuff is Junk!)

The Pro Fit Iron Gym is an excellent piece of home exercise equipment used for building core and upper-body strength. This compact pull-up/chin-up bar is both easy to use and easy to carry.

Strengthen Your Body With Exercise Balls

You might have seen them in the gym or fitness store – colorful, attractive balls beckoning you to use them, if only you knew how. Exercise balls can actually be used in a wide variety of ways, from relieving of back ache, balance training, to muscle strengthening and toning and even to support yoga and pilates routines.

Best Elliptical Trainer – A Trainer and the Best Workouts Machine

Finding the best elliptical trainer comes across as a daunting task to begin with which doesn’t have to be. Choosing the best elliptical exercise machines depends mainly on your fitness goals and budget. You can spend your money on the best one if you know something about the elliptical trainer you are going to buy. If you have used it earlier, the best it is for you to check the machine for aspects like quality, usefulness of features, its efficiency in providing painless workouts etc.

How to Use a Treadmill

Most people who exercise regularly have a favourite cardio machine and one they probably hate. So, when it comes to the treadmill it’s not surprising that some people find it really stimulating while others find it extremely boring. To get the most out of this particular cardio machine, follow these tips.

How to Experience Quick Weight Loss With an Elliptical Exercise Machine!

It is no secret that elliptical exercise equipment provides an effective full body workout. If your weight management plan requires quick weight loss, an elliptical exercise machine may be just what you need. When selecting an elliptical exercise machine, be sure to select a model that features the cross training handlebars to work your upper body also.

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