Lifestyler Treadmill Maintenance

Treadmill use is becoming rampant nowadays. As its popularity is increasing, the need to know particular details about how to maintain your treadmill becomes important. Knowing how to maintain the equipment and maintaining it helps prolong the lifespan of the machine making it remain durable and efficient for a long time.

A Complete Review of Rower Machines

Have you ever experienced how difficult it could be to make your mind to keep going when your body demands you to stop? Working out could demand the same kind of mental discipline from you and there could be nothing better than a rower machine to help you with extensive indoor action. Without doubts, the best value addition to your home gym would be the rower machine.

How Good Are Exercise Bikes?

Have you been overwhelmed by the great varieties of exercising equipments you see today at the gym? Are you concerned about which ones really would give you the best benefit in a short time? There are many of us who really do not know about the real strengths and falls of a machine. In fact, where many of us think that the treadmill is the safest medium to start exercising, the fact remains quite the reverse. If you are not quite careful, you could end up hurting yourself without reason.

Exercise Ball Workouts For You!

Be it physical therapy exercises, athletic training or even simple yoga forms, the exercise ball promises some great workouts for you. Made up of soft elastic PVC material with usually a diameter of 35 to 85 centimeters, the exercise ball comes filled up with air. We can change the air pressure within the ball by removing the valve stem to deflate it and pumping in more air to inflate it.

All About Elliptical Machines

A newbie in the fitness industry, the elliptical machines have paved their way up high to the top at a very fast pace thanks to their awesome features. Be it safety, effectiveness or the price factor, elliptical machines have excelled in all departments. A total body workout without using different fitness machines is the secret behind the success of elliptical machines in the market today.

Choosing the Best Exercise Ball

Do you know from where the exercise ball ran up all the way to your gym? What started off as a simple large puncture-resistant plastic ball made by an Italian plastic manufacturer, called the ‘Swiss ball’, came to be later used as a treatment program for newborns and later as an imminent element of physical therapy! From there on, today it has developed to become a complete athletic exercise in itself and is used widely for general fitness regime as well as incorporated in yoga exercises as well.

Why Elliptical Machines Are Better Off Than Treadmills?

Providing you an intense body workout, elliptical machines have swept the fitness market in a very short period of time. It is true that the already successful treadmill machine for training exercises at home are a great choice as well, especially for those who are training themselves for any long-distance races. But the elliptical machines have a lot more to offer in the many ways.

How to Use a Rowing Machine?

When was the last time you went to a gym for a workout? Well, we all know how workouts are necessary for our body to remain fit and maybe that is why we enroll ourselves into a gym at the earliest and then forget all about it. But why do you need to spend oodles out on a gym membership when you can simply row your way to a better body with simply a rowing machine at your home?

Home Gym Basics and 5 Rules You Must Follow!

Choosing your home fitness gym is not so easy because there is a lot that you have to consider. How much space do you have to workout in? How much do you have to spend?

The Smith Machine and Your Home Gym – 3 Reasons Why You Must Have It!

The engineering aspects of home gym equipment are fairly straight forward but that does not mean there have not been some important technological breakthroughs in the last half century. One of the most important equipment innovations has been the conversion of the power rack into the Smith Machine!

Review of Flexcords Resistance Bands Set

The Flexcords Resistance Bands Set is a great option for people wanting to buy a set of fitness bands without a lot of extra frills. The only thing this set is missing is the ankle straps which limits the amount of leg exercises you can do.

Review For the Human Touch HT-3300 Massage Chair

This is a product review of the Human Touch HT-3300 massage chair. The Human Touch massage chair company is known for its modern swivel base line of recliners. They combine proprietary technology to deliver a subtle and soothing massage on demand.

Reebok T5.1 Treadmill Review

This article is a review of the T5.1 treadmill. It explains the features of the machine and advises on which users it is most suitable for.