Running Shoes for Performance and Style

When you think of running shoes you may imagine strictly functional shoes with interesting soles and a good fit. But you can find running shoes with style and function. Choose runners that are top of the line in style and performance.

Exercising at Home With Zumba Video Games

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lose weight by dancing? Zumba is one of the best ways to shed pounds whilst still having fun. If you are interested in Zumba, things have advanced further with the introduction of several video games to help you practice in the comfort of your own home.

Simple Fitness Equipment, Advanced Results

You don’t need an entire home gym setup to get in shape. With just a few simple fitness materials, you can increase your fitness level significantly.

SOLE F63 – Is It the Right Treadmill for You?

Sole F63 was named “best buy” for two consecutive years by a leading consumer magazine. It is design to have an ultra reliable motor and steel-coated balanced flywheel that doesn’t create grinding noises while on your usual workout. The flywheel for Sole F63 treadmill is heavier than most other brands. This gives runners fluid motion like the equipments used in the gym. The deck has 1 inch phenolic deck that absorbs shock to reduce impact to the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and spine. Truly preventing running and walking related injuries.

Sole F80 Treadmill 2011 Model: A Must-Have for Health-Buffs

The Sole F80 model is more preferred by hotels nationwide for In Room fitness and has received great ratings from consumers as well. The company offers simple treadmills with emphasis on quality and warranty in a superb price. The first Sole F80 was launched in 2009. This year, improved version was launched and was expecting a blast for this treadmill. Take a look and compare Sole F80 2009 and Sole F80 2011 details.

New Sole E35 – Whisper-Quiet Sole E35 Elliptical Workout Machine

Sole E35 is a 2011 model that delivers efficient full body workout. It has a ramp than can be adjusted up to 30 degrees of difficulty depending on which core muscle group you would like to target. It’s adding diversity for your workout and a great challenge as well. The power incline feature is a great way to help in achieving high endurance levels. Sole E35 elliptical include 2-degree inward slope pedals which helps reduce ankle and knee injuries. The Sole E35 is equipped with a 25 lb flywheel, a high gear ratio, and a whisper-quiet drive system. You will get amazing fluid performance and lots of top-end resistance.

Get Lean and Fit With Bowflex Ultimate 2

Bowflex Ultimate 2 is an upgraded version of Bowflex Blaze. It’s got more than 95 exercises and weight resistance from 5- 310 lbs which can be upgraded to 410 lbs. Additions to this equipment are leg attachment, preacher curl attachment and squat station. Ab crunch accessory is optional. This model has been refurbished to factory standards. It’s got a six months warranty.

The Merger Of Bowflex Blaze And Power Rod Technology

Bowflex Blaze is a fitness machine that offers gym-quality exercises that targets all muscle groups and offers strength training growth. It gives resistance to every user without the risk of joint pains. That’s because of the Power Rod Technology-tested 4 times to ensure durability and quality and manufactured under the highest quality control measures. The result is it doesn’t let the equipment wear out easily even if you flex so often. That’s how equipment should be!

Your Tick List For Choosing a Gym

There are so many gyms out there that we as customers can be selective about which one we choose. Find the right gym for your requirements or you’ll find yourself with an endless list of excuses not to train. Read our simple to follow tick list to make sure you choose a gym that ticks all the right boxes.

Gazelle Edge and Freestyle Elite, Compared!

Have you ever wonder what’s more effective to use between Gazelle Edge and Gazelle Freestyle Elite? One fitness enthusiast asked the same question as he is very eager to know the common features and main differences of these two popular fitness machines and what best works for him. In his question he pointed out the expensive cost of Gazelle Freestyle Elite and wanted to know why.

A Vibration Trainer Could Be Your Answer to Winning the Battle of the Bulge

For many years, getting and maintaining a trim body has traditionally meant eating lettuce leaves and spending hours pounding on the treadmill or feeling the burn with weights that often felt like they were doing more harm than good. The hectic world we live in – juggling a full time job with looking after kids and trying to making time for a social life too – means that today hardly anyone has as much time as they’d like to devote to exercising and keeping fit.

Guidelines to Obtaining Quality Strength Training Machines for Your Home

Getting exercise equipment for the house is absolutely a challenge as even the the majority of knowledgeable buyers usually feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of choice that can be found. The following are a few tricks to help get you started so you know what to count on once you make the acquisition at a later time.

Sole Treadmill F63 – Why This Treadmill Is One of the Most Effective for Weight Loss!

At under $1000, the Sole Treadmill F63 is definitely one of the most popular Sole products around. The good news is that they are not only popular but also incredibly effective for users. One of the reasons why is that the treadbelt length is of the perfect size for joggers and walkers.