Folding Exercise Bikes – Find the Best Price

Purchasing a new folding exercise bike does not have to break your budget. First, I consider buying used. A used exercise bike can be a tremendous value because these machines tend to hold their value and are more durable than ellipticals or treadmills.

Slendertone System Review

Slendertone uses electricity to stimulate muscles to contract and as a result your muscles get stronger and bigger. When worn the Slendertone starts to make your abdominal muscles contract, and combined with your daily exercise program, will accelerate your growth of your muscles over a 6-8 week period. An easy way to accelerate the building of your abs, Slendertone can be used anywhere, even while watching TV.

Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Toners

The bestselling Kegel8 pelvic floor toners have proved a huge success since their introduction and Kegel have recently added a forth toner to their range, the Kegel8 Ultra Plus. Most women have come to realize that traditional Kegel exercises are not that easy to carry out. The “tighten and release” set of recommended exercises are often wrongly done, resulting in years of needless incontinence. In many cases, the pelvic muscles have been so badly damaged through childbirth or just simple aging, that a woman simply cannot even isolate them to begin the series of exercises-let alone improve their tone!

The Best Treadmills For Under 2 Thousand Dollars

Not all treadmills will break the bank. Here are the best models for under two thousand dollars.

Which Rowing Machine is Best?

When shopping for a new rowing machine, it is important to pay attention to customer reviews. You can learn a lot from a review because it is an honest account, from a consumer who already owns and uses the rower. The top rowing machines for sale today are made by one of the “Big Three” – Kettler, Stamina or Schwinn.

The Water Rowing Machine Advantage

Like most workout equipment, rowers have come a long way technologically. However, while other types of fitness machines have employed more and more technology to improve, rowers have applied less. The water rowing machine is a perfect example of this.

How to Find a Cheap Rowing Machine That Will Last

Getting a good piece of home gym equipment does not have to be a major investment. This is especially true when it comes to rowers. You can find a cheap rowing machine that will not only perform well, but will last long too.

How to Buy a Treadmill and How to Get the Best Price

Especially these days, value is important. This is definitely true when researching the purchase of a new treadmill. Knowing where to buy a treadmill and how to buy it for the lowest price can make hundreds of dollars of difference. Saving money is a very good thing for all of us. Below are some tips to help you get the absolute best deal out there.

Stepmill – The Perfect Stair Stepper Machine?

The stepmill has been slowing gaining momentum in the fitness equipment industry lately because of the ability to get a full cardio vascular and low impact lower body workout. This can be accomplished while minimizing the time needed on the gym equipment.

How to Buy Used Fitness Equipment – Insider’s Edition

How to buy used fitness equipment is a question I have been getting a lot more lately. Folks are starting to realize they no longer have to buy new gym equipment or be subject to the marketing of buying the often useless pieces of home gym equipment.

Getting the Perfect Workout Using Stepmills

Many people who go to the gym every day walk right by the stepmill machine without giving a second thought to using this excellent piece of fitness equipment. I promise that if you use the stepmill you won’t want to go back to using any other piece of fitness equipment.

The Ugly Side of Used Gym Equipment

With the economy souring many people still know that they need to still need their health and many have never thought of buying used gym equipment. They are up late at night and see those infomercials touting the newest home gym, what they don’t talk about is used gym equipment, which is a shame, here’s why.

Ab Exercise Equipment Study

It is hard to ignore the recent proliferation of infomercials for ab exercise equipment. They have a rather clever way of preying on people’s vulnerability. After all, who does not want a set of washboard abs?

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